Can you remember a time when you were a small kid, and traveling was a thrilling experience for you? Yes, the bus service is like a lifeline in the rural and urban areas in India. It is a low-cost, convenient and fast mode of travel. If we think about the rural India, there has been an enormous development in the infrastructural facilities in the past few decades. Roads have improved, and bus stands are now equipped with new technology.

No wonder, innovative and fertile minds of marketing managers grabbed the opportunity of utilizing bus stands for marketing and promotion. Products and services advertized in the bus stand grab the attention of thousands of people in a day. Isnt it a wise idea? Yes, indeed! Vritti Imedia is a pioneer company that realized the immense potential of it. The company came out with a revolutionary idea that changed the way rural marketing is done in India.

Simple and effective idea of Audio Wala Bus Stand deserves success

When marketing executive of Vritti Imedia got the idea of promoting products using bus stands, they were not looking at the conventional methods of hoardings or backlit billboards. They wanted to have something unique that nobody ever thought about. Then the idea of using the Audio announcement network of bus stands for promotional activities clicked in their minds. Nobody had used this channel earlier. Hence, there was first movers benefit.

The most crucial part was to choose the states. To make the product campaigning in the bus stands successful, it is essential that the bus services are perfect. Hence, they picked Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Goa. These states are well-known for great roads and efficient bus services. Since the services are lucidly superior to others, the footfall is also high.

It is catching as a lucrative advertising strategy

As entrepreneurs come to know about the grand success of the idea, they want to utilize it for market promotion. Audio Wala bus Stand is a concept backed by thorough research. When others overlooked this powerful media, marketing gurus at Vritti realized the immense potential. They targeted services and products that have a direct connect to the rural people. SBI, Good Knight Mosquito Repellent, Parle products and automobile were amongst the first choice.

When Vritti Imedia designs campaign for a brand, it is assured that it reaches as many people as possible. No wonder, it gains unmatched popularity.

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