Think back to when you were a child what was the face of a typical Indian village? Wasnt it very different from what you see today? Approach roads to the villages were pathetic. People were ignorant of what was happening in the bigger towns or cities. The gap between rural and urban living standard was quite wide.

With an immense economic development in the country, we have 180 degrees change in the situation. We have better roads, better infrastructure, and improved literacy. Dont you think Indian villages are transforming? Yes, indeed they are changing! No wonder, marketing managers are forced to rethink and redesign advertising and sales promotional strategies for rural markets. Vritti  has done a remarkable work in the field of rural marketing. With highly innovative ideas and lucrative marketing strategies, it has benefited their clients tremendously.

You need different marketing strategies even if rural and urban markets look similar

Look at any of the rural markets, and you begin to notice that it is no way different from a typical urban market. Product display, promotional strategies, hoardings; all are identical. According to marketing gurus, it is important to conceptualize specific rural marketing strategies even if the Indian rural market has modernized in the past two decades. There should be specific and precise points of attraction for the rural population. Promoting products in the villages could be quite challenging if you dont move strategically.

  • If you have multiple products in the same category, then the USP of every product has to be precisely explained. People dont perceive the difference categorically unless they are precisely made aware of it.

  • Experts say that rural people get attracted to the direct advertising mode such as outdoor hoardings or wall painted advertisements. Since their lifestyle is quite different from urban people, they dont find much time to watch audio-visual media. Rather, they connect to the conventional mode of communication more. Radio is still one of the popular media because it is portable and doesnt depend on electricity.

  • Language is still a barrier in the rural areas. In spite of the improvement in literacy, the get connected to the local language more instead of English. Hence, rural advertisements should always be vernacular.

  • Marketing strategies that make use of fairs, local events or religious ceremonies become incredibly successful. Vrittii has proved it in the past.

Developing right marketing strategies can give big returns and profitability.

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