Everyone knows that along with creative product promotion, you need an effective distribution strategy to come out with flying colors in the business. It is further significant in India because of the vastness and geographical diversity. Marketing experts emphasize on the fact that decentralized model works better in India than the traditional hub-and-spoke model.

Research indicates that only those companies could perform brilliantly that developed multiple distribution centers catering a limited geography. Thus, they can reach the consumers quickly. There is a better control on product promotion and distribution.

A few essential things for effective distribution

  • Focus on the local market is essential for a better grip on the situation. Since localized distribution hubs are supposed to cater a limited geography, they can work in a better way.

  • All the stakeholders should be provided with adequate training. Yes, it is very much required because everyone has to be on the same page when you address the needs of rural consumers. Align your customers, vendors, and employees before you derive and implement effective marketing strategies.

  • Tweak the product promotion and marketing tactics to the local needs. Since there is incredible diversity in cultures, traditions, and languages in rural India, the model has to be flexible and adaptive.

  • Your company should make effective use of technology to reach the masses. Yes, there are ways to unleash the immense potential by thinking out-of-the-box ways of reaching people. Companies like Vritti iMedia have proved it. They made outstanding use of bus stands to promote products and services. Audiowala Bus Stand is a brilliant example of creative thinking and innovation.

  • Service delivery is equally important. Marketing strategy shouldnt be limited to promotion and distribution only. Rather, it should be equally efficient when it comes to delivering services.

  • Always remember that an emotional touch works excellently in the rural areas. Once the trust is developed in the product, it is important that you live up to it.

Companies like Coca-Cola or Lays have proved it

We have seen in the past that companies such as Lays potato wafers or Coca-Cola have backed up their products by the sound distribution network. Also, they used sustainable technology to increase the footprints in the remotest areas. They thought differently and performed brilliantly by overcoming the challenges. It is possible to repeat the success story if a company has enough determination to conquer new heights of success in the rural market.

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