We have heard a lot about the 3Ms in the marketing management; Market, Message, and Medium. The terms are relevant in the rural marketing campaigns as well.


Advertizing companies should look at the market, from the point of view of rural consumers while promoting products and services. The lower-middle and middle-class customers (with a handful of aspiring higher-middle class consumers) are predominantly the customers. It is important to conceptualize the campaign in such a way that it inspires and motivate the consumers and not hurt their feelings directly or indirectly. The campaign should not make them feel that the products are for the people of some other planet. If it happens, then the brand or product gets an outright rejection.

Rural marketing companies in india such as Vritti iMedia understands the pulse of the market. They design campaigns that suit the market the most.


By message, we mean the verbatim and presentation both. The message we want to convey should be totally in line with the audience (or market per se) when we decide the message for advertising in rural areas. Since the rural market is a mass market where cost is the top criteria for selection, there is no sense of using words such as exclusive, lifestyle or elegant. Words like economical, money saving, and long lasting offer a great pull.

Indian rural market has increased manifold in the past two decades. Today, there are people who can spend more than urban consumers. However, they still give precedence to saving money instead of being extravagant. Marketing gurus need to keep the peculiarities while framing the message. It brings a paradigm shift in the way rural promotion is handled in India.


Choosing the right medium is the key to success. Studies say that an inappropriate choice loses the whole purpose of the marketing campaign. If it cant grab the maximum attention of the users, then it is not an effective medium at all. Only experienced and skill marketing managers can find out what is the best medium of promoting the product.

What are the habits of the consumers and how do they behave? What are their living styles and what attracts them? Yes, a campaign is a huge success when marketing managers look at the world from the point of view of their customers. Vritti iMedia  comes out with brilliant outdoor advertising ideas to make the best use of the medium.

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