Gone are the days when the rural market of India was considered a minuscule subset of the overall marketing strategy. Today, companies keep a sizeable chunk of the annual marketing budget for the rural campaign. The growing expenditure on lifestyle products in the rural areas opens new pastures for business growth. It is needless to say that the companies who understand the power of it earlier will get the benefit. Vritti I Media is one of the leading rural marketing agencies in india that identified he immense potential of the rural market well.

Audiowala Bus Stand, a thought that is just unequal

Bus service is the second largest public conveyance system in India, and bus stands are the places with the largest footfall after railway stations. Surprisingly, marketing gurus overlooked the potential of bus stands to market products and services. Vritti I Media is the pioneer in the niche who converted them into Audiowala Bus Stands.

The idea of using bus stand for product campaign was not a fluke, but a well-researched thought. Since the maximum percentage of bus travelers belong to the rural areas, Vritti targeted products that are close to the heart of rural population making it the best rural marketing companies in india.

They picked states where bus services are not only popular but quite efficient as well. The quality of buses and roads in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa, Rajasthan and Punjab are lucidly better than other states; they were the obvious pick for the campaigns.

Vritti ensures that every campaign reaches to the target customers

Audiowala Bus Stand is a concept that makes intelligent use of bus stands to promote a wide range of products and services. The campaigns are not confined to consumer products such as Parle products or Cadbury only, but they promote banks and automobiles as well.

Use of audio-visual medium, announcements, and video scrolling creates a long-lasting impression in the minds of consumers.

Since both unique and repeat footfalls are enormous, product campaigns have a widespread reach. It makes them cost-effective.

Experimentation is the key to success

A marketing company has to explore new and creative ways of promoting products. A progressive company always goes beyond the set boundaries and explores something unique. Vritti has shown an unparalleled sense of out-of-the-box thinking by using Bus terminal Advertising in India. The idea achieves a grand acclaim. It has proved that simple but effective ideas can bring a huge success if applied well.

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