Bus service is the lifeline for most of the rural areas because it is affordable, accessible and available. In states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Karnataka and Goa where roads and buses are distinctively better than other states; People find travelling by bus to be convenient and time saving. Also for large Pockets of rural India it is the only viable transportation mode available.
A Brand today can stand out and use the bus stands for effective visibility.
Why Bus stands? The potential is enormous
If you consider bus stands in Maharashtra alone, then the annual foot fall in 80 prominent bus stands is more than 92 Million which is a huge figure. Bus stands have the largest number of footfall after Railway stations. Quite obviously, they are the best places to showcase products and services. Since the majority of the gentry belong to rural areas, marketing campaigns that focus on rural needs are greatly successful at the Bus Stands.
Properties to target at a Bus Station consists of Audio system to play advertisements through public addressing system, LCD TV, and branding and visibility are to name a few.
Audiowala Bus Station, a revolutionary concept
Audiowala Bus station is pioneered from Vritti by Partnering with State Transport corporations across 5 States (MSRTC, KSRTC & NEKRTC,  PRTC, RSRTC , Kadmaba) over the course of last 8 yrs. This audio medium Audiowala Bus station is today biggest mass medium for targeting small towns and rural markets as it gives a reach of 250 Million people.
Vritti iMedia has equipped the bus stands with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities. They also made the bus stands equipped with facilities of engagement and sampling, activation and spot sale.
Vritti Media sets new standards in Rural Marketing by effective use of Bus Stands
Due to the immense potential of making or breaking the business strategies of a company, the rural market of India keeps marketing managers busy in deriving effective strategies specific to this mass market. Vritti iMedia is a respected name in the niche for its intelligent and effective marketing strategies that have made a significant impact. The company has brilliantly used the opportunities to grab the maximum attention. Use of bus stations to promote products and service is one of the most innovative and successful ideas so far.
Brands that got immensely benefited by the campaign
Marketing brains at Vritti iMedia made clever use of bus stands to promote products that had immediate appeal to the rural population. From consumer products such as Goodknight Fast Card, Parle and Cadbury to Automobiles like Honda Motors and banks such as SBI, Bank Of Maharashtra and Central Bank Of India; the spectrum is quite widespread. Promotion at Audiowala Bus Stand has been found quite instrumental in activation, sampling and playing audio and video commercials.
Veerendra Jamdade CEO of Vritti says When all these bus stands get converted into Audio Wala Bus Stand, imagine the reach of products and services to the rural population. Vritti iMedia is determined to explore the potential up to the fullest extent and reaching new heights of market promotion. It is a win-win situation for clients and Vritti iMedia both.

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