Several game plans are suggested by the experts when we ask about the best way of getting success in the enormous rural market in India, and everybody has a different story to tell. However, everyone agrees to the fact that developing an effective distribution channel is one of the key elements of success. Failure in achieving it would be a major inhibiting factor for business growth.
Whether it is a consumer product, food product, or electronic item; it should reach to the right people at right time. Thus, effective distribution network, fast and swift modes of transportation and good warehousing facilities are extremely important.
What could be the best means of reaching the masses?
Many companies have done exceptionally well in the niche of reaching the rural markets and consumers. They developed fast and economic models to reach as many people as possible. Other than meticulous planning and flawless implementation, they developed smart ways of doing the things. Experts say that it is possible to take the performance to further high by doing something exclusive and unique. It is certainly a new perspective towards rural marketing.
(i) Is it possible to use the public distribution system which already exists? Since thousands of fair price shops and millions of people depend on it for the supplies of food grains, kerosene, and sugar, the system is fairly efficient and accurate. Using the same infrastructure for marketing the products in the rural areas would be cost-effective and accurate. Of course, it will be a chargeable service. However, the accuracy and dependability will make it the preferred service.
(ii) Use of rural cooperative societies: Almost every village in India has some or other cooperative society. Marketing experts say that these societies can play a pivotal role in making a product or service hit. They can be instrumental in distribution on a chargeable basis. Since the societies would earn handsome money, they will do it enthusiastically.
(iii) Using social and religious events for product marketing: In the recent years, marketing experts have realized the huge potential of events that take place in the rural areas. Mela, Urs or other religious events showcase the product or services to a large audience. The cost of product promotion is quite reasonable, and the results are superb. As the products are displayed in the local event, people associate to it pretty well.
These groundbreaking perspectives have a great potential to change the rural marketing.

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