Rural India shows a promising future for companies who want to make a distinguished position in the marketplace. It is a huge market with an immense potential. However, it is equally true that using the same age-old marketing gimmicks will not bring any good results. Here are five little changes that will make a big difference.
Explore the potential of female consumers
Unlike the past, women consumers have started playing a significant role in the rural market. They are ore empowered now, and the paying capacity has also increased a lot. With the increase in the paying capacity and enhanced awareness, they are major contributors to the economy. When a company wants to explore the potential of rural marketplace up to the fullest extent, women consumers need a separate focus.
Speak their language
Is your product communication is a generic one? Then you shouldnt wonder about the lukewarm response from the rural markets. Experts say that it is a common mistake committed by marketing gurus. Promoting the products in the local language establishes a better communication. People relate to the product better. They feel that the product is for them. Studies substantiate that campaigns designed in tune with the understanding of rural consumers did miracles.
Product design according to the market segmentation
Experts say that a little tweaking in the product specifications to suit rural condition makes it a great hit. There is a big difference in the lifestyle and mentality between rural and urban segments. For example, a refrigerator in the rural India is considered a way of keeping cooked food and milk fresh. Also, it should not only save electricity but also sustain long power cuts. A brand that offers the aforementioned qualities would be the hot cake.
Strengthening the distribution channel
A brand that taps the local channels of distribution makes wonders in the rural market of India. Coca-Cola and Lays or Uncle Chips are the success stories. They tapped the local grocery stores, pan shops, and roadside hotels and dhabas to keep their products. Today, these companies have the largest penetration in the rural India. In case of expensive products or consumer goods, it is the best thing to tap the most favorite shops in the town.
Adding a pinch of patriotism
Making a direct or indirect reference with the spirit of India gives a great boost to the appeal in the rural markets. There have been case studies where products showed a remarkable performance after associating with the patriotic feeling.

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