Religion bonds millions of people in India. The Sinhasth Kumbh Mela of Ujjain proved it once again. It was one of the biggest religious occasions of one month where millions of devotees gathered to take a holy dip in the sacred waters of River Shipra.
Navratna Oil used the opportunity to run a brand engagement camp for the flagship product. The company organized a press conference to inform about the success of the program.
We took the strategic benefit of Panchkroshi Yatra during the event for building the brand identity of Navratna Oil. Since it is a foot journey in 7 days temperatures in the month of May, we followed the devotees with vans that sprinkled cold water intermittently to give them relief. We also offered chilled water during the journey. Both the activities brought a great relief from the excessive heat; people could easily associate it with the catch line of Navratna Oil, Thanda Thanda Cool Cool.
In an occasion where more than 80 Million people visit, local authorities are under tremendous pressure. Apart from maintaining law and order, they have a challenge of managing missing people. We shared the burden by setting up Help Desk and Khoya-Paya (Lost&Found) centers in coordination with Madhya Pradesh Police. The centers were connected via Whatsapp round the clock. More than 300,000 people were given ID cards with their details displayed on it. In case of anybody missing, the details were displayed on the LED Screens informs the PRO of Navratna Oil.
Due to the overwhelming response for Massage Parlors in the similar events earlier, we did it again with many improvements. I am delighted to announce that it was a super-duper hit this time also. The massage parlors offered free massage to more than 100,000 devotees during the entire event of 30 days which is a record. We had collaboration with hotels, dharmshalas, religious pandals and akhaadas where we offered free of charge massage to the devotees to relieve the stress and fatigue.
Other than these activities, a great brand visibility achieved by setting up female changing rooms on the Ghat. Also, we offered umbrellas across the ghats during the day time to safeguard the devotees from scorching heat of 42 degrees Celsius.
Simhasth Mela at Ujjain was a well-organized and disciplined event. Navratna Oil used it pretty well for achieving the brand building of their product. Apart from brand promotion, it achieved inner satisfaction by helping people.

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