Change of the government brings change at several fronts. With a new ideology and commitment towards strong and self-dependent India, several programs are being launched by the existing government. Digital India is amongst the top most programs which have been launched with a determination of changing the face of India. Indeed, the digital revolution is the call of the day. Connectivity and better access to the digital world would open new and exciting avenues for everyone.
In last two decades, there has been a phenomenal increase in the digital connectivity. However, a lot of work has to be done in the rural areas to convert them into revenue generating units.
Rural BPO, the groundbreaking concept
As announced by the government at the beginning of the year, a sound groundwork has been done to convert the idea into reality. Reports say that only in Maharashtra, there will be 35 rural BPO established with 3500 seats put together. The concept is not limited to one state, but the whole country will have such BPOs established in phases. The policy is meant to promote the IT facilities to the rural areas that have been neglected so far. The benefits of IT revolution have been concentrated in a few major hubs only. Since the objective is to create skills apart from generating employment, companies that would come forward to run the Rural BPO would be offered support and incentives.
The policy is being formulated for setting up BPOs in small and middle-level towns in the country. A proper handholding and support will be provided to build the infrastructure. The government will offer the subsidy of 1 Lakh INR per seat or half of the total expenditure incurred on the infrastructure, whichever is lower. Approximately 500 CR scheme outlays have been decided to roll out by the end of the financial year 2016-17. BPO destinations have been identified, and the target is to set up everything in next two years. Undoubtedly it is a gigantic target. However, the government shows tremendous enthusiasm and determination of completing it before the deadline.
It strengthens the Digital India movement
Information Technology has shown a spectacular success earlier, but it couldnt defend the criticism about the development being centered on the big cities; widening the gap between the rural and urban India. When the benefits get percolated to the last person in the society, nothing can stop India from shining.

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