Entrepreneurs spread across hundreds and thousands of small and medium towns of India dream a huge expansion in business using the Internet. Giant IT and Ecommerce companies join hands to offer digital marketing courses to the budding and established business owners. As high-speed Internet becomes a reality in rural areas, it is possible to explore further business opportunities.
Experts say that it is a big issue to find skilled resources that can develop ecommerce websites, manage and optimize the same by using digital marketing concepts in the rural market. With big players entering in a structured manner, it becomes easy and approachable. It is said that there will be hundreds of the centers PAN India offering training and accreditation at reasonable fees. It is termed as Digital Literacy Movement which will change the face of the Rural India.
Technology breaks new grounds for rural entrepreneurs
Rural entrepreneurs have the upper hand in profitability because they operate in areas where the overhead expenses are low. Also, the products are consumed in the rural market where promotion and marketing costs are also low. Thus, the digital marketplace is further lucrative for them. They can use the Ecommerce platform to sell products in the surrounding areas. After the digital awareness, it will be quite easy for the users to buy products online.
In the long run, rural entrepreneurs will find the Ecommerce market more lucrative and profitable than their urban counterparts. Since the products are consumed in the local markets, logistics costs are also less. Hence, it is a superb value proposition for entrepreneurs.
Comprehensive plans are being prepared to build and launch extensive training programs for Small and Medium Enterprises spread in the rural areas. It is important that the idea gets well promoted among the rural entrepreneurs. There should be enough motivation and Gung-Ho. Else, the success of the campaign will be a question mark.
It is in line with the latest initiatives
The government of India wants to make the Digital India a huge success. It will enable the rural entrepreneurs to use the Internet for business development. Since the entrepreneurs and users both are indigenous, Make in India will also consequently gain the strength.
The Ecommerce business developed by them is predominantly for the rural market but not limited to. It is possible for any buyer sitting the nuke and corner of the world to purchase it online. Hence, it is a rural marketplace with global reach!

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