It wont be an exaggeration if last three decades are called decades of technological advancement in India. The country has shown incredible development in every field. India is one of the most promising economies in the world. The immense potential attracts entrepreneurs worldwide. Undoubtedly, the role of Media has been phenomenal for popularizing and promoting the positive aspects of the country worldwide. It attracted foreign investors, and the country got benefited by it greatly.
Experts feel that the media can show similarly fabulous performance for developing the rural India. As the new government shows commitment and determination to transform the rural marketplace by announcing ambitious schemes, it is furthermore important that the media takes it further positively. It should promote and propagate it as much as possible so that every rural entrepreneur becomes aware of it.
70 percent population of India is eager for the change
Yes, statistics confirms that more than 70 percent of the Indian population lives in the rural areas. Still, the sector didnt taste the fruits of development till the 90s. After the implementation of liberal policies and globalization, there is a change in the living standards and lifestyle. The government of India understands the importance of enhancing the life of rural people. Since the rural areas contribute one-third of the total GDP, it is inexcusable if it remains neglected.
Media should highlight the focus on the Rural India
While the government puts emphasis on the sector by provisioning a significant chunk in the futuristic plans Digital India and Make in India, the role of media becomes important to highlight the same. If the rural population is made aware of the provisions, they can demand faster and effective implementation.
It is a fact that Indian media is far behind as compared to the developed countries as far as maturity and responsibility are concerned. Instead of highlighting the positive and sensible things, it is indulged in discussing unimportant issues. Time has come when it should realize that spreading sensation and discussing political disputes are not the prime responsibilities of the media. Rather, it should analyze the efforts made by the ruling party and criticize constructively.
The power of social media cant be overlooked at the same time. It should be used to communicate the efforts and facilities extended to the rural population. Thus, media has an important role to play in spreading the good word of development up to the last beneficiary of the economic growth.

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