Indian rural market shows immense business opportunity with the economic development in the recent past. As people become educated and aware of the global happening due to extensive reach of television in the interior areas, there is an increased brand awareness and quality consciousness. Marketing managers are forced to find new and effective ways of making an impressive presence in the changed scenario.
Earlier there was a concept of cheaper is better. Thus, keeping the product price low was the sure key to success (even if the quality is compromised). Now, rural people look into the quality aspect keenly and do not accept substandard products. As a result, Business Management experts are forced to do an in-depth research to find out the secret of success in the niche.
Here are five best strategies that certainly motivate rural buyers
Communication should be easy and direct: Yes, companies realize that rural market understands communication which is straightforward. It should be in the local language and free from marketing gimmicks. It makes the things effective. Themes and concepts of advertising should be understandable to them.
Focus what customers need: A customer always wants the best value for money. If the product doesnt attract him, he wont spend the hard-earned money. Companies should focus on their needs and offer products that make sense. Cultural values play a big role in the buying decision.
Market segmentation and micro development: It is very much important to develop products after doing extensive research and segmentation. When products that impact a particular segment hit the market, they become immensely popular. Behavioral pattern of Indian consumers is changing rapidly. Hence, the micro-level analysis is highly important.
Following the best distribution strategy: It is another important facet of rural marketing. An effective distribution channel takes the products and services rightly to the right consumers. Since costs of reaching interior markets are high, a good marketing manager derives the best strategy which is effective and economical.
The Indian connection: Though rural customers are aware of all modern things, they still prefer products that are Indian at the soul. Hence, right from product designing to packaging and branding to advertising; it should appeal Indian customers.
With the changing face of the rural market in India, companies have an excellent chance of enhancing revenues and building market presence. Vritti Media is one of the prominent names in the field of business marketing that has understood the importance of it. The company uses revolutionary concepts and out-of-the-box ideas for it.

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