Vritti imedia offers innovative advertising services through the unique mix of technology & advertising under the roof of Vritti Solutions limited. Our motto is to deliver the innovative business solutions & focus on quality & customer satisfaction.

Vritti I media offers the following services:

Audio Advertisement at KSRTC, NEKRTC, MSRTC, PEPSU, Goa & Rajasthan
Audio visual advertisement at food malls on highways Event & Conference Management Short Message Service (SMS) OOH Services
Vritti also continues to maintain a strong commitment towards social responsibility by providing facilities to the pilgrims along with the pandrapur temple authorities & state road transport department. Now, we are moving ahead with the concept of Audio Nildana to support Kannada film industry which is facing a hurdle in the cine competitive market with other regional languages

SandalWood” The Cine World

The cinema of karnataka, sometimes colloquially referred to as “chandanavana” in Kannada or the “Sandalwood” is a part of
Indian Cinema. The 1970’s & 1980’s are often considered to be the golden age of Kannada cinema.
Kannada cinema spearheaded the parallel cinema movement in India along with Hindi, Bengali, &Malayalam Cinemas. Audio introduced many idols in acting which includes Dr. Rajkumar, Shankarnag, Vishnuvardhan, Ambarish & many others.
The kannada film industry managed to generate several blockbusters in the first decade of the new millennium. But now the above lines are just in our memory, in the present scenario kannada films that have often been threatened by films from other states & losing its charm to bring the audience to the theaters.
Kannada industry is leaping & taking steps ahead to bring the glow back.

Audio Nildaana

We vritti imedia have taken an initiative to support
Kannada Film Industry to bring back the pace & the glory.
We have launched with new concept


Audio nildana gives the complete & updated news about the Kannada film
industry which will be on aired in KSRTC Bus stands, our medium enables to
reach the masses at one go.
Audio nildaana also provides platform for all the segments– Retail,
corporate & Government for branding in association with vritti imedia.

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