In India, rural areas of various states speak various languages and it becomes difficult for the brands to communicate to the people of these areas. Advertisers use various ways in which they can communicate differently to different set of target audiences. Different states have different climatic conditions and different tastes and preferences. For every advertiser, to promote one product in all states of India is a brain storming process and requires a lot of innovative inputs along with perfect implementation. The mentality of people in rural areas also differs from people in cities. An advertiser needs to keep that in mind and should not use any strategy that can harm the sentiments of the rural population.
Now a days rural population is easily adapting to change and is developing day by day in all fields. They have become open to new products and services and are readily accepting what is new in the market. With growing technological development, their mindsets have been developing and this has become helpful due to right promotion of right type of products in the right way to the right target audience. Rural population has been in the state of advancement due to awareness of products and services created by promoters like Vritti iMedia who aim at promoting a range of products through their exclusive branding and marketing strategies like the Audiowala Bus Stands campaign that is run in almost all bus stands of the states – Maharashtra, Punjab, Goa, Rajasthan and Karnataka. This campaign has been a successful one for the past few years and has brought extensive growth to the rural markets. Brands from all the sectors have associated with Vritti iMedia from fields ranging from banking to food & beverages and many more.
Dupont from the agriculture field; Banks like SBI,Union bank and Central Bank; Parle, Vicco, Godrej, Lux of FMCG category; Honda, Bajaj, Maruti from the automobiles sector; LIC from insurance sector have collaborated for rural promotion through Audiowala bus stands by Vritti.Idea and Airtel from Telecom industry; Tata Steel; Pedilite have also been suing these advertising facilities. Various retailers, corporate and government bodies have associated with Vritti for announcing their services. The list is endless but what is more important is the result. These campaigns have been very impactful to these brands for promoting their products and services in the rural markets. All the hard work and efforts of experts from team Vritti have helped in the success of all these campaigns.

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