2014 has been a year full of achievements, not only for the nation but also for us at Vritti I Media. Vritti I media chalked out some amazing campaigns that helped the brands to flourish in the rural India. We would like to share our success story with you and therefore we bring to you 2014’s most successful campaigns set out by Vritti I Media.
Honda two wheelers – Honda is the world’s largest manufacturer of Two Wheelers and were looking for the opportunity in the Rurban areas. The objective of the ‘Audiowala Bus Station’ campaign was to create awareness and drive sales for its launched bikes Honda Dream Neo & Honda Dream Yuga to the small towns and Rural Market of Karnataka. They wanted to target middle income employed people, farmers and Businessmen from various small towns and villages of Karnataka. During Diwali the 2 bikes Honda Dream Neo & Honda Dream Yug were displayed at Bus stations of Karnataka , wherein the Test  ride was also provided. Audio teaser/schemes were being played in between the announcements at 31 ST Bus stations through its Computerised PA system-Motivating people to come to stall inside Bus stations . Along with Teasers there was also Product/Brand communication talking about the features and benefits of products through the computerized PA system at 64 Locations for 2 months. This promotion was done at 64 important Bus stations across Karnataka and reach of the campaign was approximately 10000 people per day. The Activity was smooth & grand success. Overall reach of 50 Million through the audio campaign and estimated 2 lakh visitors coming from District and Taluka places and villages  and the campaign helped Honda get 83,996 Enquiries, and 487 on the spot booking.
Parle Marie – Parle Products has been India’s largest manufacturer of biscuits and confectionery for almost 80 years. The objective of ‘Audiowala Bus station’ was to create awareness & popularize about Brand “Parle Marie” amongst masses in small towns and rural market where their main brand Parle Glucose is already popular. Facing the strong competition from Britannia and ITC it was never too easy to establish the name overnight. But Vritti iMedia took the challenge and selected the audiowala bus stands to kick start the promotions. Their main aim was to tap the travelers who stop by the canteen to have tea. By having the tie ups with the canteen and tea stalls they successfully started their Parle Marie pe chai free offer. The promotion of the offer through catchy jingles in the local languages created a lot of buzz among the people. Increase in sales from 60 packets per day to 600 packets itself speaks a lot. Parle Marie sold 40000 thousands packets in just 7 day in 30 district location through the ST bus stands of Maharashtra.
Good Knight Fast Card – Godrej Consumer Products Limited is the largest home-grown home and personal care Company in India. Our marketing campaign that is ‘Audiowala Bus Station’ was for Good Knight smart card. The main objective was to thoroughly educate rural consumers of Maharashtra about Good Knight’s innovative cost-effective mosquito repellant – Fast Card. During the “Pandharpur Ashadi Ekadashi”, which is the biggest Yatra Vritti I Media carried out this campaign. From over 30 Bus stations across Mahrashtra State, Devotees travelling to Pandharpur were guided about the bus schedules and were wlecomed through Public Announcement Systems accompanied with the informative Fast Card jingles at Bus Stands across Maharashtra. This Audio campaign was released 20 days before the main Ashadi ekadashi to build some initial momentum and create some inquisitiveness about the Fast card. Temporary hoarding and boards with information like important locations and their directions, along with the Good Knight Fast Card branding and use, were erected at strategic points around the Town of pandharpur. 5 lakh Booklets containing Bhajan and information about the city like the locations, directions, and bus schedules as well as the information about Good Knight Fast Card were distributed to every second person in the city.
Bhajan Mandaps were established near the temple and river area, which are the prime spots of rest for the pilgrims where the devotees got to sit and participate in Bhajan Kirtans. Volunteers announced about Good Knight Fast Card sponsorships and basic product information during the intervals. Also those who could not experience the actual view of the deity at a recommended time could watch it on the 8×6 LED TVs. Fast card product information’s was given through L-bands and scrollers, and were telecast in between intervals which made numerous devotees emotional and grateful towards Good Knight Fast Card.
1, 44,400 sample packs in and around Pandharpur were distributed and through Demo’s we touched   5lakh devotees in 7 days time. The campaign was very successful and helped the sales of Good Knight smart card.
Well these are not the only success stories we have more which we shall bring to you in our next blog so stay tuned.

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