Can you imagine an ad running on the TV without any audio??? Well that will not make any sense and in a similar way any advertising without the audio is ineffective. If you try to recollect the famous ads then you will realize that the one thing you remember about them is their audio or jingles or the slogan. Be it washing powder nirma or recently Har ek friend zaroori hota hai, you must have noticed that you can recall the audio easily.
Music and advertising is a combination that helps the audience to connect with the ad in an emotional way. Studies shows that audio in an advertisement has more recall value than the video.
Audio mediums have their own set of strengths. For many businesses, Audio mediums are much more affordable, convincing and effective advertising media. Unlike newspaper ads, audio ads are more than just ink on paper. Apart from audio advertising, a major theme is that each medium has its own biases. Apparently, each medium presents certain types of information easily and well. Compared with Print, Television and Computers, audio seems to be relatively stimulating to the cognitive process of imagination.
SBI-KCC (State Bank of India – Kisan Credit Card) campaign conducted by Vritti iMedia is a fair and clear example of audio advertising. The purpose of SBI-KCC is to provide timely and adequate credit to farmers to meet their production credit needs besides meeting contingency expenses, and expenses related to ancillary activities through simplified procedure facilitating availment of the loans as and when needed.
To identify the power of audio ads Vritti I Media carried out a research of SBI-KCC campaign in Karnataka through which we came to know about the following facts :-

  1. Out of every 500 hundred people 477 witnessed the automated bus announcements.
  2. 308 people heard the announcement of SBI-KCC.
  3. When asked about their opinions on the ad around 35% people felt that the ad was very good and informative.
  4. Around 237 out of every 500 people wait on the bus stops for more than 15 mins which confirms that they have heard the ads.

The positive point’s people have mentioned about the SBI-KCC coming to Bus stand Audio media are: people are happy to know about the details of loans at bus stand. They feel that this process of passing information will reach most of the farmers. Also it was educating and audio was very clear and loud.
This brings us to a conclusion that audio medium is far more a better medium when it comes to reach and the recall value.

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