Rural marketing is the process of marketing in rural areas. It includes the implementation of various marketing and promotional strategies and policies in rural market with a view to convert the needs and wants of rural people into demand. Rural Marketing is a two-way marketing process which encompasses the release of business activities that direct the continuous flow of goods from urban to rural areas and the other way around. In India rural marketing has emerged as an important aspect in marketing discipline.
The best part of rural marketing is it is a large and scattered market and has tremendous opportunities. It is not the buying power but the distribution power, which has the biggest hindrance in realizing the potential of the rural market. It is not only the size of the population that makes rural markets in India very important for marketers. Rural markets offer tremendous potential for business development, market expansion and growth. Rural markets offer massive prospective for market expansion and growth.
Change in infrastructure and reach, guarantee a splendid future for those planning to go rural. Rural consumers are excited about the branded goods these days, that the business sector and market size for products and services appears to have expanded drastically.
Vritti iMedia understands the scenarios in the rural market and have accordingly planned steps towards advertising in rural areas. With proper research and analysis, Vritti  have considered all the facts that add up to the advantage of creating awareness in the rural areas and if we look at it from the macro point of view it has also helped develop India.

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