The most common problem of any campaign is the reach and frequency ratio. Reach and frequency amount to the success of campaigns and if these factors are not met, it could lead to failure of the same. The Campaign should focus on reaching maximum number of target consumers at regular intervals. Now there is a perfect solution to this; Rural Advertising at bus stands through digital radio systems guarantee maximum reach at regular intervals every day.
Digital Radio Systems allow catchy jingles and audio advertisements of brands to reach the many travelers that visit bus stands in rural areas every day for meeting their needs like education, work or for household purposes. These audio ads are played at a regular frequency and are hard to miss. With ST buses being the main medium of transport in rural areas, it gathers over 60,000 people per bus station every day. With the cost of rural advertising being budget friendly, a brand can reach 60,000 people at the rate of 1 paisa per person. It is not only cost effective, but also effective in terms of meeting important requirements like reach and frequency leading to the success of campaigns.


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