Rural Advertising is on the rise as more and more brands are turning to rural advertising for campaigns that increase their reach and extend the horizon when it comes to target consumers. Vritti i Media specialises in audio advertising at bus stations in rural areas, where there are plenty of people gathered every day for transport that fulfils their daily needs; be it education, work or household needs. Innovative audio ads played through a digital radio system at regular intervals make sure maximum number of people are exposed to it and therefore making them  aware of the brand.
VJ Media Works is a website that that showcases the latest trends and happenings in the Outdoor Advertising Industry in India. Vritti i Media has one of the catchiest ads on this website that flashes a banner of the on-going ad along with its perfectly creative audio sound bite, just like the ones you would hear at bus stations. Millions of other ads online would pass you by but not this one, as it engages you completely. Appearing at the top of the website it immediately attracts attention and engages you building curiosity about the brand. Whether it is bus stations or online ads, Rural Advertising along with its innovative ways cannot be missed. Rural Advertising is growing fast and being recognized on digital platforms like this only makes it better.


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    Oh Wow!!! This is fantastic! So many new ideas which I didnt know. I am new with blogging but really like to get into it more.

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