Lokmat has been Mahrashtra’s No.1 Marathi Daily for so many years now. They chose Rural Advertising over Advertising in cities to increase sales and readership. Urban areas have become overpopulated with advertisements in every corner. Rural India has changed a lot in the past decade and is only progressing further. Rural Advertising seemed to be the perfect deal for Lokmat as it ensured reach to their target consumers.
Lokmat tied up with Vritti iMedia from last four years as Lokmat appreciates the importance of the State Transport Bus Stations where the rural masses are present everyday and are attentive to the Bus announcements.
From last 3 years Lokmat is doing a year end campaign all across Maharashtra to promote sales of its Panchang Calendar “Lokmat Kaldarshika”. Also Lokmat has done a very unique campaign “Aajcha Lokmat vachlat Ka?” with Vritti for which Vritti was awarded as the best Transit Media. With announcements at regular intervals, the public at the bus stands became curious listening to different headlines from the paper that caused them to finally buy the paper and read it.
This campaign worked wonderfully giving Lokmat more readership and an increase in sales.

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