The agricultural department of the Maharashtra Government has set up an agro advisory feed at Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) bus stands with the objective of providing expert agricultural advice to farmers in Maharashtra public address system at the stands. This initiative has been started with the aim of keeping the local farmers up to date with the latest in farming techniques and to increase their awareness about agriculture. The initiative is conducted across all parts of Maharashtra excluding Mumbai.
MSRTC buses are the chief mode of transport for farmers in rural Maharashtra, thus forming important junctions for communicating information. The agro advisories by agricultural universities and the meteorology department are broadcasted through Vritti’s audio network along with the announcement of bus timings at regular intervals. Experts share advice about quality of seeds and probable quality of production in the coming harvest season, information about market prices, seasonal crops, using fertilizers and hybrid seeds. In order to increase financial stability, farmers are also informed about various beneficial government plans, its application process and the advantages reaped out of them.
Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Veerendra Jamdade, CEO, Vritti Solutions says, “It’s a matter of immense pride for us to be able to help out our local farmers who would otherwise have very little means to receive such privileged information.  Our medium facilitates customization of advice specific to the location thus making the information relevant to the types of crops grown in the region, types of pests likely to affect the crops in a particular climate and solutions to cure them. For instance, in the Konkan region, which is the highest cultivator of rice, the messages are customized to provide solutions for better rice cultivation. This kind of timely, location specific advice has greatly benefitted farmers across Maharashtra.”
This initiative of the Government has received an overwhelming response in a short period of time. The farmers have reaped the benefits of this initiative at no cost while travelling to their destinations.

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