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Take your Digital Infrastructure to the Next Level with Vritti Solutions

Vritti Solutions Ltd. is a next generation IT Solutions company working toward fuelling the knowledge based economy by consulting and developing innovative IT solutions.

 Vritti Solutions is a leader in ERP, CRM software solutions, WMS software for Third Party Logistics Company and HRMS software solutions in the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises segment in India. We are also into Online Project Management Software like Simplify Practice, where the professionals and Chartered Accountants can manage their projects and tasks online.

Why Finance Companies need a CRM Software Solution?

A robust and a user-friendly CRM Software Solution is the best for finance companies because they are in the constant phase of keeping their clients happy. Be it any kind of finance company- banks, insurance, wealth management- they all are very much customer centric and therefore, a CRM software solution will automate the customer-facing processes while improving visibility and communication across the organization.

Additionally, finance companies are expected to focus on lead generation, sales, marketing and customer retention. A well-utilized and integrated CRM system can allow financial services companies to deliver superior service by improving document and data management, scalability, opportunity management and decision-making analytics.

The main hindrance to becoming customer-centric in financial sector are poor and slow processes and traditional practices – especially in the areas of communications, service and delivery. Customer-centricity is an ongoing scope of improvement. Financial CRM like Ekatm CRM software helps manage and track all customer information in a systematic way.

With Ekatm CRM, all client details are readily accessible under one roof. This reduces the operational costs and extra costs deriving out of customer error. Also, it increases efficiency and productivity. Ekatm CRM is responsible for streamlining your processes and operations by allowing your people to access the data faster and rationally make critical decisions. Moreover, it creates synergy amongst staff members.

Ekatm CRM facilitates a relationship-based marketing approach. All the needs, preferences of the client can be recorded in the history. This leads to opportunities to customize products and services for the customers as well as cross-sell the product and service range. Clients associated from a long time are the best source of word of mouth marketing.

Our WMS Software for Third Party Logistics Company

Our WMS Software for Third-party Logistics Company (3PL) manages outsourced supply chain activities such as transportation and warehousing. Companies that choose not to have their own warehouses and fleets of trucks can work with third parties that manage these activities for them. Our WMS software is used by 3PL providers to plan, schedule, and monitor supply chain operations on behalf of their customers. Customers should also have access to the system, which improves transparency in their supply chain.

While some vendors offer 3PL products specifically designed for outsourcing, other solutions can be used by 3PL providers and by any company that wants to manage supply chain operations internally. As part of a company’s larger suite of supply chain management tools, Ekatm WMS integrates with transportation management software and warehouse management software. Furthermore, our Ekatm WMS third-party logistics software is used more and more by e-commerce companies and requires integration with e-commerce platforms.

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