Ekatm ERP

Ekatm ERP Software: A Complete Automation Solution for Businesses.

Ekatm ERP is well-designed ERP software that will help streamline and integrate business processes in an effective manner.

The ERP solution offers a complete business process management as the ERP solution is the backbone of any business that automates and supports the business processes and today the ERP has become an indispensable part of all the business.With an advanced and smart ERP solution your business will be benefitted from numerous advantages. Ektam ERP is designed for Indian SME’s and is suitable for Manufacturing, Hospitality, Logistics, Traders and Sales Organizations.

As a reliable software company in the market, we offer best suitable ERP Solutions Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. We make sure that our clients get quality solutions at a sensible cost. Our team works hard and ensure to complete the project within the deadline. Improving the business operations in a hassle-free manner. For any query call us now.

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Ekatm ERP Modules

Manufacturing | Hospitality | Logistics | Traders | Sales Organization | Financial Service Providers | Consultancy

Product Data Management

Product Data Management focuses on managing and tracking the creation, change and archive of all information related to a product.

Sales Management

Sales Management helps with the Sales order processing cycle which begins with Inquiry stage followed by Quotation to billing of material & ship finished product.

Inventory Management

Simplify daily inventory transactions and increase user productivity with automated features for frequently performed tasks.

Financial Management

Financial management features allow you to track the flow of money in your company in a secure and accurate environment.

Purchase Management

Purchase Management streamlines the procurement process from point of need to order placement & controls the receiving & paying of purchased goods.

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Management gives businesses ability to personalize relationships with customers regardless of which employee service’s them.

Production Management

Production Management allows for efficient planning of the production process and facilitates order tracking with shift wise reporting.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management features inward, binning and helps with pick & pack along with ship invoicing & post delivery tracking.

Special Features

Why Ekatm ERP ?

  • Maximize your control on the business workflow by using only one system to manage the business in an efficient manner.
  • The modern system offering comprehensive features and insightful information help you work more efficiently and lead to better results.
  • Get access to information at anytime from anywhere on any device.
  • Enhance the quality of customer service with better access to the customer information.

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