How to Choose the Right Warehouse Management System?

We have surveyed organizations on Warehouse Management System. They could answer almost all the questions in the survey. However, most of them couldn’t answer or were unclear on one question- How did they choose a WMS for their organization?

So, we thought of jotting a few features for you that would help in buying a right Warehouse Management System.

  • A well-integrated WMS will always keep all the processes streamlined. Always look for a solution that takes care of end-to-end process- from the time the goods enter the warehouse to the time they are dispatched to the retailer.
  • These days ‘real-time’ is the need of the hour. No company can afford or prefer spoilage or wastage of goods. A good WMS should be able to record and reflect information in no time. Also, it should facilitate real-time monitoring of goods.
  • A well-designed Warehouse Management System should be able to record and manage a huge inventory.
  • A robust Warehouse Management System should be able to reduce the cost of the company by automating the processes; thus, reducing the cost of the labor.


We, at Vritti Solutions provide you an all-in-one Warehouse Management Software in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore etc. Our offered Ekatm WMS is loaded with all the above features.

Ekatm WMS is a robust and innovative one-stop solution to automate and digitalize all the processes that fall under supply chain management.

Let’s take a look at how Meridian Sales uses Ekatm WMS for better efficiency and productivity-

Meridian Sales implements Ekatm WMS to manage the distribution of their electric goods in Delhi. 5 years ago, we had a manual system to manage our warehouse, which made warehousing a long-winding and tedious task. Then, we got in touch with one of the personnel of Vritti Solutions at a seminar who suggested us to use Ekatm WMS. We took a trial of over 3 months and we were so happy with how it overcame all our challenges. We always had personnel to keep records of the stock with a paper and pen in hand and now, we have the entire process of inventory keeping automated. This made our approach to work more contemporary and digital. We thank Vritti Solutions for providing us with well-integrated and thoughtfully designed Ekatm WMS.

Buying a Warehouse Management Software is no big deal. But, buying the right one is!

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