Why our CRM software is considered as an asset in a pandemic?

Pandemic showed us a different picture of life, which nobody had ever imagined. Amidst the 360 degree change in our routine, lifestyle and working modules, we have realized what our core strengths are to sustain in the pandemic. And, digitalization has topped the list.

Digitalization has taken care of customer relationships like never before! We, at Vritti Solutions a CRM company in Pune, accredit this achievement to our well-designed, smart and robust Ekatm CRM.

Ekatm CRM has proved its worth in this dreadful pandemic. Don’t believe us? Let’s hear it from Ted, who owns a small trading firm in Delhi with a staff of around 15 people. For him, customer relationship is at the center all his business goals.

Hi. I am Ted and today I am going to express why I consider Ekatm CRM as an asset to my business-

Even in the time of pandemic, I, in fact, no company would ever wish to compromise on offering maximum customer satisfaction. The core function of a CRM Solution is to improve customer satisfaction. Ekatm CRM is purely for those organizations who wish to build customer loyalty and enhance the quality and consistency of customer relationship. Today, we have more than 100 loyal customers in this dark phase of the world.

The communication is digitalized leading to no understanding gaps between my customers and my people. This not only reduces my time of delivery, but also improves the productivity of my staff.

Today, when we are working from home, I have no issues in managing the contacts of clients or any kind of data collection. All the data is centralized and real-time accessible, which is much needed when all the resources are working from different points.

Ekatm CRM syncs our efforts of making the customer happy😊

Do you wish to a write a success story like Ted in your books of business? Get our Ekatm CRM today.

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