Contactless Petrol Pump Operations in the times of Pandemic

There are ample of Petrol Pump Management Software available in the market. But, is there any software that derives customer satisfaction with contactless communication in the times of a pandemic?

Fuel is essential. Hence, thousands of people daily stop by at a fuel station and therefore, the risk of virus spreading around is more.

Developed by Vritti Solutions, PetroSoft is a robust and user-friendly Petrol Pump Management Software specifically designed to smoothen and ease out daily operations at a fuel station.

In the Covid-19 times, we need a solution that digitalizes basic operations; thus, making it contactless.

PetroSoft is a one stop solution that helps in capturing all the front office transactions and monitoring credit sales, outstanding amount of customers and daily Profit & Loss. Now, its latest innovation has facilitated Web Access, Mobile App, Mail and SMS communication with customers, which minuses the role of papers. This ensures that your customers receive a contactless communication.

There are 3 kinds of communication sent- SMS sent to credit customer, SMS sent to credit customer after generating bill and SMS sent to customer when he makes the payment.

This also benefits your customers to maintain records and keep a track of his fuel budget, resulting in greater customer service and satisfaction, which is crucial in these tough times.

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