Ekatm WMS: A Solution to Bring Your Supply Chain Back on Track in a Pandemic

In the initial days of the outbreak, many businesses were affected and hence, their supply chain was also disturbed. But, our digital solution has managed to minimize the impact and get the supply chain process back on track.

A year back, Deloitte predicted that this situation will force the companies to rethink and transform their supply chain model. Companies will have to opt for a more agile and flexible model that smoothens the entire process of supply chain management. And, no option is as good as digitalizing it.

To add on to the commotion, the abrupt introduction of working from home resulted in more delay of supplies of essential goods.

Developed by Vritti Solutions, Our Ekatm WMS, a robust and innovating Warehouse Management System automates and digitalizes all the processes that fall under supply chain management; thus, promising to overcome the hurdle of supply in the Covid-19 pandemic. Our offered wms software pune is more widely accepted in the market.

Ekatm WMS comes to your rescue because-

  • It helps in keeping all the processes organized, optimized and automated, which results in reduction of the pick-up time of goods and meeting the demand with adequate on-time supply.
  • Through robust cycle counting capabilities, real-time information, confirmation and verification, our solution gives an immediate feedback on the work accuracy. This helps the managers to assess work accuracy, even in a remote working model.
  • In a situation where traveling time is restricted, we cannot afford dispatches again due to a missed inventory or overloading for a location. Goods need to reach its destination at one go. Our solution completely takes care of the inventory.
  • In a pandemic, where supplies are struggling to meet the demand, spoilage of goods is not acceptable. Ekatm WMS facilitates real-time monitoring and enforces FIFO (first-in, first out) rotation to reduce spoilage.
  • Since the processes are automated, it helps in curtailing the cost of labor. In a pandemic, labor becomes an expensive resource and risking its life becomes even more expensive and unethical on the company’s part.


So, do you find our Ekatm WMS useful? We would like to hear from you, too. Please write us at anuroop.khare@vritti.co.in

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