Top 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs a CRM Software

CRM seems to be the fastest selling software in the market today. According to Kristen Baker, a popular technical blogger, the CRM Software industry is expected to reach $80 Billion by 2025.

Ekatm CRM is smart and well-designed CRM software that helps businesses to manage their customer relationships by offering a central location to accumulate the present and historical information, automate the business operations and effectively communicate with the clients. This software is beneficial for SMEs as it helps them to centralize operations and smoothen up the process of managing their clients.

It is observed that SMEs encounter issues of miscommunication in the times of pandemic because the resources are operating from different points. To resolve this issue, CRM software is a must.

Developed by Vritti Solutions, Ekatm CRM is advantageous and important to the success of all types of businesses and specifically, SMEs. Having situated in Pune, We offer best quality CRM software in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune etc.

So, here are top 5 reasons your organization/ SME needs a CRM Solution-

  1. Boosts Customer Satisfaction- Even in the time of pandemic, customer satisfaction tops the list of offerings to any customer. The first and the foremost function of a CRM Solution is to improve customer satisfaction. Ekatm CRM is purely for those organizations who wish to build customer loyalty and enhance the quality and consistency of customer relationship in this tough phase of business.
  2. Improves Productivity- An ideal CRM Solution like Ekatm CRM speeds up communication between the customers and the organization; leading to reduced turnaround time and improved productivity of the staff.
  3. Maximizes Control Over Business- From reporting to data collection- managing contacts of your clients, CRM is a magical tool to increase your control over your business in a broader way and especially in today’s time of work from home, where everything is being macro-managed.
  4. Access to Real-time Data- Ekatm CRM eases out the integration of data from devices, products, forms and other business apps to enable data insights for more centralized and real-time management. After all, real time data is the need of the hour.
  5. Ease of Making Reports & Analytics- Our solution automates the process of making reports and analytics, which fastens up the decision making process; thus, impacting the overall success of a business.

This is the time to get a solution to improve your customer relationship. Customers helped/served in difficult times remember the company/brand forever. So, are you set to create a long-lasting impression?

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