Got a minute? Know what our Ekatm ERP can do


ERP Software is an easy and powerful tool to grow your business. Read more to know how.

Ekatm ERP is ingenious and well-designed ERP software that will help to streamline and integrate business processes in an effective and efficient manner. This smart solution is the ‘present’ and the ‘future’ of your business. Because who doesn’t wish to automate business process and have an easy work life?

Designed by Vritti Solutions, Ekatm ERP is mainly developed for Indian SMEs in the manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, trading and sales space.

So, here are some core benefits of using Ekatm ERP-

  1. Customer Relationship Management: Personalize relationships with clients in no time with web-based interactions.
  2. Sales Management: Take care of end-to-end sales process- from inquiry stage to giving quotations, billing of material and shipping of finished product.
  3. Inventory Management: Keep a record of daily inventory transactions on your fingertips.
  4. Purchase Management: Streamline the purchase process- from placing an order to controlling the receiving and paying of purchased goods.
  5. Production Management: Speed up critical processes like order tracking with shift wise reporting with an automated process.
  6. Warehouse Management: Whether it is with picking and packaging of products, shipping, generating invoices and post-delivery tracking, Ekatm ERP is a one stop solution for warehouse management.
  7. Financial Management: Track the flow of money in your company in a safe and secure environment.

Installing Ekatm ERP will cost you. But, when you will be free from maintaining data on spread sheets, work more flexibly and efficiently, maintain confidentiality, it is worth all the cost.

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