ERP Integration: The Benefits and The Best Practices

Successfully integrating your business with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software doesn’t just involves a mere exchange of data but also interconnecting different business processes. This interconnecting leads to faster order processing, enhanced visibility, faster shipping of requirements which ultimately leads to a better customer experience.

This can only be achieved through a smooth & flawless integration process.

Below steps help in knowing the process

  • Integrate with Intention

A clear understanding of the requirements forms the most important part of the integration. Often the time spent between businesses and their integration partners falls short which disturbs the whole procedure. This ultimately leads to cost overruns, project delays and increase in efforts. The integration partners should be clear about the challenges that are being addressed, the objective behind the integration and the systems and data that would be synchronized.

  • Limited Testing

Testing forms a crucial step of integration and unfortunately is often the most neglected. The motive behind testing is not just to verify if the software is working fine, but also to see if the system meets the business needs and the intention behind the entire integration. Thus, the testing phase shouldn’t be avoided or limited, instead it should be well executed and planned.

  • Training and Support

Proper training and support to the end users is a mandatory task for prolonged integration. The management should not start using the tool before they have provided adequate training to the users. Generally, training is left to a very small phase at the end of the project which, in reality, makes it difficult for the end users to work with. Even if the entire business process is correctly integrated, the users who will be running the tool are not trained for it. This leads to the failure of what could have been quite a successful project.

These steps helps to ensure that ERP integration is as smooth as possible.


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