Why Do Successful Businesses Vouch For Ekatm ERP?

In the fiercely competitive market today, no organization can be successful unless the business processes are streamlined and integrated.

To achieve it successfully, you need a complete business process management software. What is better than an ERP system?

In the recent years, ERP systems have become the backbone of every business. It is an indivisible entity in a business operation.

It is crucial that the ERP system used is smart and advanced. When you aim for the business transformation, never compromise on substandard solutions.

Ekatm ERP by Vritti Solutions shines outstandingly against the competitive products.

What is so unique about Ekatm ERP?

The biggest thing about the Ekatm ERP is that it is designed specifically for the requirements of Indian SMEs.

Hence, it is ideal for all sectors; hospitality, trading, manufacturing, Information Technology, banking, and finance, etc.

Team Vritti wants to offer the best value for money. Hence, every feature of Ekatm ERP is developed to support business operations in a trouble-free way.

Ekatm ERP is ideal for managing following business operations:

  • Sales management: From the process of getting business inquiries to receiving a quotation and invoicing and shipping; the sales management module serves everything.
  • Purchase management: It caters to all the needs of the procurement process in an organization.
  • Inventory management: You want to have a close check on the inventory because it is a big-ticket item. Ekatm ERP system offers a smart module for it.
  • Production management: Effective production planning and management made easy.
  • Warehouse management: Everything related to the warehouse management such as material inward, picking and packing, binning, delivery tracking, etc. becomes easy when you do it using the Warehouse Management system of Ekatm ERP.
  • Financial management: ‘Money makes the mare go’, to keep track of every penny coming in and going out you need comprehensive financial management system.

The advantage of using Ekatm ERP

An entrepreneur will not invest money in installing ERP system unless the benefits achieved by it are far more than the expense made.

Here is a list of benefits you will get after implementing Ekatm ERP:

  • Outstanding improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Maximum control over the business processes
  • A unified system of business operation management
  • Quick and easy access to information anytime and anywhere
  • Higher levels of work efficiency

Undoubtedly, a multifaceted ERP system takes the organization to higher levels of operational efficacy.

Hence, your business needs Ekatm ERP system when you are looking forward to leading the niche by excessive margins!

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