Success Stories

1 ) Emami Navratna (GOLD ACEF award):

Emami Navratna oil is a ayurvedic oil which gives relief from tension, fatigue and headache which gives a sound sleep Keeping in eye on all this prospects we designed a concept of  Navratna Khoya Paya center” (lost and found center) with an objective of helping those people who are lost in the crowd and  are tensed to find their family members. This Lost and Found centre merged with massage centre to provide free massage to the tired and stressed out pilgrims –which was an innovative idea. People who came to the counter and if they like the massage they will buy from Navratna oil bottle/packs from these counters. People visited these stalls and were given a massage therapy which resulted in people buying the Navratna packs from the counter.

Generally people participating in such pilgrimage are skeptical about loosing their near and dear ones. Moreover walking and roaming for the whole day would make them feel restless and tired. Understanding all these issues we at Navratna decided to be a part of the Kumbh mela and help the pilgrims to solve their problems through various activities and also to achieve its promotional objective.

“Navratna Khoya Paya Centers”were established at the  Bus depots, parking areas, entry points to the city jointly with Municipal Corporation and local police department The pilgrims who came to this stalls to register were given ID cards which consisted details about their family members and also the toll free numbers.

2) Effectiveness of IODEX (GOLD RMAI FLAME award):

Iodex, a 95 year old brand in India, is a strong challenger brand in Maharashtra, which happens to be the biggest state in India for the pain relief category. Iodex was launching a new campaign with the singular positioning on being the balm for all types of body pain (neck/shoulder, back, joint, etc) & the key message of the campaign was “Badan ke har dard ke liye, sirf Iodex” (For Every Pain in the Body, Only Iodex).

This was done in form of 3 stages wherein through different touchpoints and through different media vehicles the brand was successful in reaching the consumers at different moments of truth in their journey.

A)     Activating the first moment of truth –Pre Pain :

The travel of 8 long hours journey would scare pilgrims nerves out for the people who had back pain, but these devotees of Lord Vithoba would ignore it & continue their journey. This was the First Moment of Truth that we activated for Iodex using an innovative medium called the “Audiowala Bus Stand” wherein we used the public announcement system at the 80 plus bus stands across Maharashtra to send out catchy & contextual brand messages to consumers who were about to board the bus for the long Pandharpur Yatra.

A)     Activating the Second Moment of Truth – During Pain:-

The biggest moment of truth during this yatra is the 250 km long walk by foot for over 21 days when every single piece of your leg would be pulling you backwards. Iodex branded vans with 12 promoters accompanied this epic human processesion for 21 days to help them ensure that their journey continued without any difficulty by setting up massage tents at periodic intervals during the day & night that would help the pilgrims with an essential massage break to help them relax, rejuvenate & continue their journey. Over 20,000+Varkaris visited these massage shelters and took the benefit of the facilities. They felt happy and satisfied with the service provided at the massage centre

B)      Integrated activity:-

Pilgrims usually rest at the Public Convenience Mutts after the visit is over before they commence their return journey on the subsequent day. At this final leg, the consumers were also exposed to a strong ambient media branding of Iodex through contextual outdoor advertising, by engaging people for education & to handover a sample of an Iodex pack to drive trial for Iodex, which is currently a strong challenger brand in Maharashtra.Also, at this final leg, Mobile medium was used innovatively to geo-target the transit pilgrims who had come in from other towns to Pandharpur during the seven days of the festival.

3) Godrej GoodKnight Fast Card Pandharpur( GOLD RMAI FLAME AWARD):

Godrej’s Good Knight Fast Card is an ultra-smart and highly relevant solution with rising instances of dengue and malaria across India, It is India’s first paper based mosquito repellant which is accessible and affordable by all, available at a price of Rs. 1/- Good knight Fast card has a great focus on rural TG and during monsoon the brand goes aggressive in rural space because of huge menace of Dengue and malaria during this period.

Activity 01-: Fastcard Coconut Donating Vans – (In Marathi -: Sriphal Arpan Rath)-:

Fastcard Coconut Donating Vans what we call In Marathi language is “Sriphal Arpan Rath” the aim was to reach and teach to the rural Mass. The concept was, the devotees who could not make it to Pandharpur during their busy schedule for the pilgrimage, thus giving them an opportunity to donate the coconut as an offering to the temple.  Goodknight fastcard branded Vans travelled different parts of Maharashtra and the pilgrim route to collect coconuts from the people and donors were asked to text “FSCRD” to a toll free number, to which they got a prompt reply by Fast Card, thanking them for donating the coconut. In return we gave a fastcard sample with product demonstration to justify the activity.

Activity 02-Goodknight fast card Emergency Vans-:

Getting medical facility while walking towards Pandharpur is very difficult for the pilgrims. So to provide free medical service and Goodknight fast card branded medically facilitated vans were placed to cater to the health of pilgrims en route on the journey. In case of emergencies, the person would be taken to the nearest hospital. Also we created an awareness campaign about “How to tackle the rising instances of dengue and malaria across India. People were advised about the product uses and also sample was distributed.

Activity 03- Fastcard Sleeping Tents:-

The tent was an exact cloth replica of an actual Fast Card, which made it directly connected to the product and assist easier brand recall. We also distributed Fastcard sample and arranged Fastcard product demonstration for the people who were taking rest in the sleeping tents. Everyday thousands of came and stayed in the accommodation centers.

Activity 04- Fastcard Bhajan’s on Call:-

While maintaining the spirit of the devotional and spiritual environment for the 15 days bare foot journey we  developed “Bhajan’s on call “ facility  where Pilgrims could listen to Bhajan’s of Lord Vitthal followed by the FAST CARD audio advertisement by giving a missed call to a toll-free number provide by FAST card.

Activity 05- Fastcard Bhajan Mandap-:

Fastcard branded Bhajan Mandap were established near the temple and river area, which are the prime spots of rest for the pilgrims, where the devotees go to sit and participate in Bhajan Kirtan. Good Knight Fast card sponsorships and information related to the product were announced during the intervals with demonstration and sampling for the same.

Activity 06 -FAST CARD Ghungdi (A fastcard shape Rain coat) -:

Ghungdi is a raincoat which village people use to wear while farming; we distributed 10,000 quantities of fastcard shape rain coats to the pilgrims walking bare foot to pandharpur to protect from the rain.

Activity 07 – Mutt Demonstrations:

Mutt is a huge hall that can accommodate around 1000-2000 devotees for sleeping. Promoters were engaged for demonstration and sampling during the evening hours for 7days which made their night a peace pull night. Over 30+ important mutts were taken up for engagement

4) Godrej No 1 (GOLD RMAI FLAME award):

Godrej No: 1 is the third largest soap brand by volume in India. Godrej No.1 offers you ‘nature’s way to beauty’ with carefully chosen natural ingredients to make your skin naturally beautiful.

A) Godrej No 1 Bathing/Refresh rooms at parking area, Bus depots and Aakhada-:

We created separate bathing units for male and female with complete required amenities inside where they can take a small bath and refresh themselves. The bathing units were completely branded with godrej No1 communication inside and outside and were having washbasin, shower facility, mirror, LED lightings, tissues Godrej No1 soap, and buckets for bath for the pilgrims. The promoters were standing outside the refresh rooms and were sampling the soaps to people and educating them about the brand. Also janitors were kept to maintain these refresh rooms clean and fresh round the clock.  The objective was to give an opportunity to the people to refresh after a tiring journey in secure and homely place at same time use the soap and get themselves refresh and look good. We created 16 refresh rooms  in different strategic places to engage with the maximum pilgrims.

B) Godrej No 1 changing rooms-:

After the royal bath normally people change their clothes near the river and there are not good places available for females and keeping in mind this we created godrej No: branded changing rooms near river area. It was so helpful for the pilgrims that they accepted and appreciated our idea. The lady promoters were standing outside the refresh rooms and were sampling the soaps to people and educating them about the brand. Also janitors were kept to maintain these changing rooms. We put 12 changing rooms across the Ghats.

C) Stall and engagement activity-:  We set up stall near the main Ghat where the promoters were sampling the soaps to people and educating them about the brand, at the same time we were playing small games and giving them gift hamper from godrej No1.

D)Audio communication across all the Nashik bus depots-:

We created 10 second audio jingles of godrej No1 soap and aired across all the Nashik bus depots through the audio wala bus depots from morning 6 am to late evening 11pm.  The jingles were mix of social awareness followed by the Product communication. The audio communications were aired for the entire duration of the Kumbh mela.

5)Good Knight Fast Card Kumbh Mela(GOLD RMAI FLAME award):

The aim of the activity was to provide emotional connect  to the pilgrims with small budget we had and also solve their problems quickly keeping in mind the punch line of Good Knight Fast Card – “Fatackk se Furr”.

A)Fastcard branded Cycle Rickshaw carrying Fumigation -:

We hired 6 Cycle Rickshaws from outside and the fumigation guns from Government authorities. We designed it like Fast card shape (This smoke prevents mosquito breeding) were kept inside these rickshaws. The branded fastcard cycle rickshaw was moving across the town from Ghats, Sadhu gram, Bus stations, Railway stations, important residential locations and important places in the evening from 3 PM to 8PM and carrying out fumigation and also creating awareness about Fast card and its benefits. While roaming around the city each vehicle was accompanied by one promoter to distribute fastcard samples and creating awareness about the product and its uses. We covered the entire Nashik city every day for period of one month.

B)Fastcard mosquito free zone -:

There were many Akhada’s (Spiritual Guru’s Place during Kumbh) where spiritual gurus address the devotees and we tied-up with many of the important ones and created mosquito free zone with the help of Fast card as the devotees uses to face the mosquito problem during the hour long spiritual talks (This sessions was typically in the evening from 4 PM to 8 PM which is actually mosquito breeding time)

Our promoters used to light the fast card and move across the pandal to stop mosquito breeding during the spiritual talks, also we did a small fast card aarati before the spiritual talks to stop spreading the mosquito. And during the breaks, we also showed a product demonstration to devotee’s . Also we provided samples of fast card to people who used to stay at these Akhada’s.

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