Renuka Devi Yatra Yellamma

About Yatra :

Renuka Yatra at Saundatti in Belgau m in Karnataka is held at the famous Renuka Devi Temple or Yellamma Devi Temple.The Jatara or temple festival is annually held in Margashirsh month and Magh month. Yellamma Jatara 2016date is Dec 11-15 Dec.
The annual jatara attracts thousands of devotees to the temple.The jatara is known as Renuka Devi Jatra – Yellamma. The puja and rituals on the day are unique and are annually held only on this day.Saundatti is located around 83 km from Belgaum & 35 km from Dharwad District in Karnataka .

Renuka Yatra is annually observed on Ma rgashirsh Purn ima or full moon day in Margashirsh month aspertraditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Karnataka .
Renuka Jatara is held on various occasions -on Pu rnima days in other months. But the most important festival is the one held in Ma rgashirsh month (December – Feb ). Foot fall will be 25 lakshs, People Coming from -Karnataka,Maha rashtra, Goa & And hrapradesh.

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