Reach millions of rural customer across multiple states with bus announcement system

What makes an advertising campaign successful?

A well-managed and focused campaign which is targeted to the right audience!

When these two things are present, success is guaranteed. Vritti Imedia is one of the leading Audio Visual Advertising Agencies in Mumbai that keeps the finger on the pulse of the market.

It knows what gets clicked in the competitive business world and how to achieve greater efficiency without spending huge money on it.

Experts say that unique and out-of-the-box ideas attract people more as compared to the conventional methods. There is always a high probability of customer conversion.

Vritti Imedia knows it very well, and it is the reason it brings altogether new concepts to market products and services.

Audiowala Bus Stand, an idea that nobody ever thought about

Nobody realized the potential of bus stands in marketing products and services as Vritti Imedia. They came out with a mind-boggling idea of Bus terminal Advertising in India for the first time.

Undoubtedly it was not as easy as falling off a log. Team Vritti had to put a lot of efforts in conceptualizing and implementing it.

Why is a bus stand the right spot for advertising? Because it it the most crowded places in India after Railway Stations. Hence, the visibility is excellent.

Still, they were not considered for mass advertizing earlier. It is only Vritti Imedia that realized the immense power of Bus Stand Announcement Advertising.

Are you a dynamic company looking for greater market penetration?

If yes, then there is nothing more appropriate for you than using the power of innovative rural marketing campaigns through Audiowala Bus Stand.

The beauty of this campaign is that it reaches to the rural mass at a large scale. Since not many products and services reach such a massive target base, you get the first movers advantage.

Read testimonials of clients who availed the benefits of the bus stand for marketing. You would realize its potential.

You hit a widespread audience

Vritti Imedia is the leading marketing agency that specializes in Rural BTL Activation. It has made history by using an unconventional place like bus stand for brand awareness and product promotion.

Innovation and creativity are the essential elements of marketing whether it is for the rural market or urban. However, ideas like using bus stands for brand promotion are path breaking indeed.

Since you get exposure across multiple states, it is a business viable promotional idea for you.

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