Is Rural India Finally Embracing The Digital Life?

When digitalisation has become a need of hour, how rural India could remain untouched. Needless to mention the scope and reachability is still on the initial stage. However with constant government intervention and other initiative from various businesses, it will soon reach a progressive stage. Government has been encouraging banking to equip the rural population with digital tools. Through various rural marketing agencies in India, certain campaigns to educate people are being run. They are educated about various benefits of online banking, the convenience it offers and how to use it. Since at least one members of almost every family works in city, and sends out money to their families, people are adapting to the digital life. They are convinced about the quickness and security online banking offers.

Also various internet service providers are seem too eager in catering the rural population both in the direction of supporting government initiatives and benefiting themselves with larger revenue share. Separate broadband packages are rolled out for the people in rural areas.

Advertising campaigns goes a digital way

Various innovative rural marketing campaigns, both awareness and advertising is penetrating through the walls of rural areas through rural marketing companies in India like us. These activities talks about the product and services in a more effective and powerful manner. The rural people are made part of such campaigns in a way they are encouraged to use the product themselves. Along with advertising through folk music play & puppet shows, many of the digital ways are also adopted to emphasis on the product or awareness.

Advertising joins hands with awareness

Rural marketing of FMCG products is done way more creatively than ever. The advertising campaigns are designed in a way that they connect emotionally with the audience. In the similar direction, various videos are prepared, talking about the root cause of certain diseases or inability rural areas are trapped in. These videos are then shown to the people, educating them about how all this can be rectified by a using their product or taking up their services. Along with that free samples and discount coupons are also distributed.

Digitalization in rural areas has largely restricted the growth of evil social practices and ignorance that is impacting the progression of the rural India. Issues like medical ignorance, girl child education and importance of being self-independent are also tackled through effective digital advertising and promotions and are whole heartedly welcomed.

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