How Regional FMCG Brands are Touching the Rural Areas with Rural Marketing Mediums during the Festive Season?

There’s a common misconception that rural marketing mediums are not often approached or preferred by FMCG companies in the age of digitalization. However, some brands like Sapat Tea still adhere to traditional marketing style and strategies and believes to work wonders for creating brand awareness and generating sales during the festive season.

Sapat Tea has served India’s tea drinking community for over 12 decades with various brands such as “Parivar”, “Sahyadri”, “Sapat” and etc. Today, it has brought its new brand, Laal Raja in the market, which is targeted towards tea lovers of the country.

Mindwave Media supported Sapat Tea to promote ‘Laal Raja’ in the growing markets of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh during the onset of Navratri. Advertisements in the form of wall wraps were put up at the prime locations of the city, where visibility is more and ignorance is less.

Marketing Team of Laal Raja highlights, “We are associated with Mindwave since 6 years, but for advertising our products on Audiowala Bus Stand. For the very first time, we tried their OOH advertising services for our new product, Laal Raja in Bhopal. We did wall wraps for creating brand awareness and visibility. Today, we have got more than expected sales.”

Let’s go back to how the popular tea brand promoted its name during Ganesh Chaturthi. They advertised on our unique media property and India’s largest Digital OOH Network, the Audiowala Bus Stand. The advertisement was played on 117 bus stands of Maharashtra where the footfall is of 30-40K people per day.

“We have experienced that Audiowala Bus Stand works best for marketing our new products, especially in the rural and semi-rural regions of India. Audiowala Bus Stand gives us the privilege of communicating in the desired language, which establishes a connection with the audience,” says Sales Manager Demand Creation of Sapat Tea International.

Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Director of Sales and Marketing says, “Outdoor Advertisements is the best medium of advertisement even today. Though it is traditional, but the amount of visibility to your brand OOH can offer, very few mediums can offer! We got a great response for creating vibrant wall warps for our esteemed client. Also, we have given them a mass platform, Audiowala Bus Stand to create brand awareness, which cannot be ignored anytime. It is the most cost-effective medium for FMCG companies.”

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