How Dabur used Chitrakoot Deepawali Amavasya Mela 2021 for promoting its products?

When it comes to advertising and promotions, Dabur has left no stones unturned. Chitrakoot Deepawali Mela not only has a legendary significance of being an abode to Lord Ram and Sita for 11 years when in exile, but also is known as a ‘Marketeers Paradise’.

Dabur, one of India’s leading FMCG, Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care companies, is always marching towards capturing opportunities to promote its products, launching its new produces and creating an unforgettable brand engagement.

Till date, the Mela has witnessed hundreds of brands coming forward to up their game in the marketing space. However, since 5 years Dabur has hit the right chord and have always gained positive response at this gathering.

This FMCG Company identified the marketing potential of Chitrakoot Deepawali Amavasya Mela 2021, the congregation of more than 30 lakh devotees in 6 days and hence, gave a shot to promote their products by converting them in to utilities and facilities with the support of Vritti Solutions.

Dabur is committed towards its motto of being ‘Dedicated to the Health and Well-Being of every individual’ and these initiatives at the Mela has enhanced their mission. A brand is always recognized for its deeds and not for its products.

Below are a few case studies of how Dabur offered a helping hand to the devotees at the Mela and established an emotional connect with them-

  • Dabur Red Paste- This ‘Dant Snan Zone’ provides the pilgrims a chance to maintain oral hygiene at the Mela. Dabur Red Paste installed toothpaste dispensers at 10 prime locations, near the Ghat and Dharmashala for devotees to brush their teeth and give a fresh start to their day. This was one of the greatest facilities for the devotees, which was supported by Dabur Red Paste.
  • Dabur Rheumatil Oil- Dabur organized a massage camp for devotees- male and female, wherein they would get foot massages on massaging chairs and free doctor consultation for the pains that they face in their daily lives. With this act, Dabur won the hearts of devotees, who were relieved from the pain and ache. This campaign was supported by Dabur Rheumatil Oil. All the precautions of Covid-19 were followed while conducting this activity. Also, the chairs were sanitized by the volunteers after every massage.
  • Dabur Hajmola- The cut-out of Dabur Hajmola were installed at various pillars with the intention of creating visibility at the Mela. However, promotion is never the sole purpose for Dabur. They offered samples of these Chatpata tablets at the Dhabas after the devotees’ finish their meal. This helped the devotees to digest their food, refresh their mouth and avoid sluggishness after the meals.
  • Dabur Amla Hair Oil- Changing rooms are a must for devotees, especially for the female section of the society. Dabur understands the need of changing rooms and thus, supported its installation on a large scale. Brands of Dabur like Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Blue Chyawamprash, Maha Sudarshan and Dabur Dashmularishtha advertised on changing rooms and boats. Sample of the hair oil were distributed to the females after they were done with changing. Branding at the boats and changing room was a great opportunity for Dabur to launch its new Blue Chyawamprash and create mass awareness.

“These campaigns for Dabur at the Chitrakoot Mela 2021 were memorable for us. We believe that a campaign or an activation should establish a sense of emotion between the brand and the consumers. So, we came out with ideas, branding elements and facilities that revolve around establishing that emotional vibe. We wanted to create convenience for the devotees. And, to amplify the effect of the campaign, we offered digital help to the brand. We followed all the Covid-19 guidelines and laws and helped the brand to follow the same at the Mela”, says Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Co-founder, Vritti Solutions.

Every Amavasya, Chitrakoot Mela is conducted and thousands of devotees come for their belief. The best part for the brands is that every month your brand gets a golden opportunity to promote in front of new target audience.

Wish to captivate the attention of millions in a flash? Connect with Vritti Solutions for conceptualizing and executing branding solutions.  We keep our rights for activation and branding reserved at such gatherings. Also, we have an annual branding package for brands.

For more details, feel free to contact at +91-9561068555.  

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