Government and Corporates join hands for an ‘Ultra Safe Kumbh 2021, Haridwar’- The world’s biggest congregation

After a wait of 12 years, the city of Haridwar city is anxiously waiting  for the forthcoming Maha Kumbh Mela, one of the most auspicious religious gatherings for Hindus. The Mela authorities are making all the necessary efforts to get the infrastructure ready by 11th March –the Shivratri Day. This time, the expected footfall is a whopping number of 5 crores, even after the Corona outbreak.

Credits for the footfall goes to the Government of Uttarakhand along with the police, essential workers and multiple agencies have been extra cautious and working on taking safety initiatives for the last several months to offer the devotees an “Ultra Safe Kumbh”.

Authorities along with the agencies have taken meticulous efforts to maintain the sanctity, safety and health of the devotees while maintaining the ambience and vibe of the 30 days Mela.

The District administration has demanded 70,000 doses of Covid-19 vaccines for personnel on duty. Devotees need to register their entry to Kumbh on the web portal. Entry will only be issued after a negative RT-PCR test report, medical certificate and identification proof. Devotees travelling from other countries need to strictly follow the guidelines laid by the Government. Each ghat will have more than 2000 sanitization units for sanitizing people. Also, a substantial number of free masks will be distributed. As an added precaution, bathing time will be limited to 20 minutes.

Apart from these safety measures, the Government has undertaken an interesting “Paint My City” campaign to add vibrancy to the promotion of the Mela. The graffiti on the walls, bridges and Government buildings of Haridwar depicts Hindu mythology and the rich Uttarakhand culture.

Mindwave Media, the media wing of Vritti Solutions supports various CSR initiatives to make Kumbh ‘Ultra Safe’. Installation of direction boards with sanitizer units, sanitizer booth, rest zone, wellness centre and health check-up centre are a few initiatives taken by the brand that will provide assistance, safety and relief to the devotees. Some other initiatives are installing changing rooms, information boards, dustbins, baby feeding rooms, locker rooms and drinking water dispenser.

One of the best examples of providing relief/ ‘Sukun’ to the devotees was Navratna Oil’s state-of-the-art campaign, ‘Kumbh Mein Sukun’ in the year 2019. Organized by Mindwave Media, Navratna Oil struck the right chord by arranging technologically driven Lost and Found camps, which proved beneficial to the devotees.

 “This time we are focusing more on providing precautions along with brand engagement activities. We welcome more suggestions in incorporating more safety in this mass gathering. After all, your safety is our priority!”, says Mr. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Co-Founder, Director and CMO of Vritti iMedia.

So, it’s time for the brands to dive into this sacred pool of marketing opportunities at Kumbh Mela in 2021. Give your brand a visibility that is never seen before!

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