Creative Idea for Rural promotion in India

You would feel overwhelmed to know that with a projected annual growth of 15 t 20 percent, rural markets in India open new opportunities of meeting top lines. It is needless to say that there is a hit on the bottom lines initially as you have to spend additionally on rural promotion and marketing initiatives. As the expenditure drops in the long run, there is a significant boost to the business.

Amongst the 1.3 billion people spread across 29 states and 7 union territories, more than 70 Million people live in villages and small towns. It is a considerable population. However, sadly, all marketing and promotional drives till recent times were targeted to the remaining 30% people living in mid-size towns, big cities and metros. The reason was quite simple; the maximum business share was contributed by the urban population. Several reasons such as lack of awareness, illiteracy, and less purchasing power always kept this sizeable population out of the mainstream.

Why is rural marketing so challenging?

India, a country with incredible cultural, economical, and linguistic diversity throws a big challenge in front of marketing managers and advertisers. In a country where people speak more than 100 languages and over 1600 dialects, it is impossible to design rural promotion strategy that fits for all. However, marketing managers are ready to take the challenge as it is still simpler to conceptualize creative ideas for rural promotion than struggling in the fiercely competitive market of big cities and metros. They work hard on the rural market which contributes more than 60 percent of the GDP. Btl activation agencies in Mumbai makes use of creative ideas that attract the majority of the rural population.

People who did great experiments in the rural market got big success

There are agencies such as Vritti Imedia that worked in the rural marketing niche with a focused approach and open, creative minds. They conceptualized and implemented unique and never-thought-earlier kinds of ideas that changed the way people were looking at the rural market. Vritti Imedia proved that innovative and creative ideas always get noticed and appreciated by the audience.

Use of bus stands for promoting brands and products was one of the unique ideas that got clicked in the rural markets. Similarly, Vritti explored the possibilities of brand building in big religious events. All these initiatives have been quite successful and effective. It proves that innovation always brings a phenomenal change in business.

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