Vritti i media helps brands to expanding their wings in rural market

Once upon a time considered trivial from the perspective of designing marketing strategies, the rural market of India emerges as the dark horse. Today, big marketing brains are busy in deriving marketing strategies that would lure the rural people. With a sizeable annual spending of more than 50 Billion Dollars (2012 figures), the rural markets leave the urban counterpart far behind. The gap gets widen year after year with more people in the sector buying high-flair lifestyle products such as motorbikes, cars, and mobile phones. Marketing companies that sensed the immense potential early could reap huge profits not only for them but the clients as well.
Vritti I media is one of the pioneers who expanded the wings in the rural segment by developing creative and innovative ideas that nobody could even think of. Lateral thinking needs the courage of facing failure. When the Team Vrittii comes out with something exclusive, it beams with the confidence of winning. It thinks miles ahead of others. It is the single line success mantra of Vritti.

The early bird catches the worm!
It is a fact that the early movers always reap the best profits. Vrittii I media sensed the immense potential of it quite early. It knew that the rural markets will have a giant leap in the coming years, and the growth trajectory displayed by it would be the fastest as compared to the urban market. Therefore, it started working in the direction of developing interesting and effective ideas that would draw in the rural population. After making an early entry, it used the best of the creative ideas and brought exclusive success for the clients.

Ideas that touched the hearts
Since Vritti iMedia always emphasized on exclusive ideas suitable for the rural segment, it set paramount of success year after year. The quest of achieving better than the best resulted in fantastic marketing campaigns that were simply remarkable and enticing.
For winning the hearts of the rural population, people should feel that the campaign is exclusively for them. By using exclusive ideas like promoting products and services on bus stands, or using enormous religious gatherings like Kumbh Mela for brand promotion; Vritti iMedia captured the attention of masses. Such campaigns not only brought incredible results but build the image of being a company that understands the pulse of the rural India. Success boosts the team for raising the standards year after year.

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