Kumbh Mein Sukun Campaign Wins Prestigious Awards

Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj, world’s largest spiritual gathering, an unprecedented congregation of around 15 crore people, which is greater than the combined population of countries like Germany & UK. Immersed in the faith on Maa Ganga, millions of devotees travel across unfamiliar terrains, converge at the Sangam to take a holy dip. Managing such a mammoth event is not at all easy and during this mammoth event the risk of getting lost and separated from one’s own family remains a strong possibility.

Navratna Oil which stands for providing relief and relaxation to its consumers decided to extend its helping hand to devotees visiting the Kumbh who are anxious about getting lost. Driven by this thought, Navratna launched the campaign “Kumbh Mein Sukun”. Navratna’s Lost and Found camps, one of the most successful Kumbh Mela campaigns, had been managed on a smaller scale in the past Prayagraj Kumbh Mela. However a much bigger platform recorded a footfall of 15 crore in 2019.

Navratna had created lost and found camps in earlier Kumbh but to manage scale of Prayagraj we had to think out of the box. To manage this scale of crowd, Navratna Oil collaborated with the UP Government to make lost and found camps far faster and effective and were supported with Media and visibility around Mela.

The camps were set up at important and strategic locations in and around the Kumbh, like at the main Sangam point, prominent railway stations and bus terminus. However, just setting up a lost and found camp was not sufficient given the vast area of 45 km that one had to cover.  Navratna used technology to introduce ‘Navratna Suraksha Band’ a non-tearable waterproof wristband which had a unique ID for each devotee. Mobile volunteers were put into action who moved in mela to do on the spot registration. Technology was built in to take care of the massive footfall while the database was updated on a real time basis and shared with central server of police and other govt. agencies.

Whenever there was report of any missing person at Navratna Lost and Found camp, the details of the lost person were flashed on the giant screen at the mela ground on a real time basis along with announcements. As a step ahead RFID trackers were given to vulnerable sections especially kids and senior citizens which got highly appreciated by the officials.

In addition to this, Sukun Ki Sawari ride was arranged for the senior citizens to make the journey less tiring. Navratna resting zone was created to offer relief after a tiring journey where relaxing massage was also given to devotees.

Navratna oil Lost & Found camp along with UP government worked tirelessly and registered almost 6.6 lakh devotees and reunited more than 19000 devotees. It was a tiring 45 day & night activity, but for us seeing a smile on a reunited family was truly satisfying. With this small step Navratna helped the devotees to achieve “Kumbh Mein Sukun” they were looking for.

Mindwave Media is the Media and Marketing arm of Vritti Solutions. The Media, Events and Activation (MEA) all under one roof with a strategic planning team with Pan India presence. Mindwave Media was the Execution Partners for Emami Navratna Oil during the Kumbh Mela 2019. The campaign “Kumbh Mein Sukun” for Navratna Oil won two GOLD accolades from RMAI Flame for Best Campaign Leveraging Technology Experience & Engagement and WOW for Experiential Marketing On-ground Promotion of the Year for Sales Volume. WOW Awards Asia has been the epitome of cultivating and celebrating excellence in the creation of LIVE events since 2009. Flame Awards Asia instituted Rural Marketing Association of India in 2006 to recognize excellence in marketing, promotion and initiatives across rural markets of India. The client was proud of the Mindwave Media team for having executed such a stellar campaign at the Kumbh Mela. Moreover, the client was delighted for Mindwave Media for being recognized with two prestigious awards, i.e. RMAI Flame and WOW Awards Asia.

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