Pandharpur Yatra: A Dream Destination for Marketeers

Pandharpur Yatra, is the biggest occasion of Maharashtra where millions of people walk miles barefoot to show the gratitude, devotion, and dedication towards Lord Vitthal. The tradition is centuries old, and year after year, more and more people are getting attracted towards it.

It is needless to say that the government, local administration, police, and traffic departments have to work extremely coordinated manner to make it a grand success.

Mindwave Media is amongst the leading rural advertising companies. IT brings out useful and innovative marketing ideas that don’t just promote a brand but also become a helping hand to the administration.

Mindwave Media serves the whole bouquet of clients spread across domains and businesses from telecommunications to Food & Beverages, FMCG, Cosumer Durables, Retail, Banking Financial Services, Automobiles, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Education & Insurance also seek help from Mindwave Media to stand in competition.

Mindwave Media always brings something new and different

Social awareness about health & hygiene, welfare, public service and support to administration are the core principles behind every activity at Pandharpur.

Goodknight Fast Card, tarpaulins, establishing tents for pilgrims, fully-equipped stage and bhajan pandals offered convenience and relief to the people.

Ambulance for devotees, watch towers for the police department, free drinking water supply to everyone present, and mobile charging points at convenient locations. Free samples of FastCard were distributed amongst people to have a real-life experience of its effectiveness.

Pandharpur sees millions of faithful devotees during this yatra. Mindwave Media teamed up with Ghadi Detergent help devotees get a clean washing experience. These washing zones were placed at strategic locations for maximum visibility & also provided devotees with free samples of Ghadi Detergent. The washing zones saw huge crowd gathered to get the clothes washed which helped Ghadi Detergent to have huge impact on the devotees time at Pandharpur Yatra.

Ghadi detergent washing zones helped devotees to have clean clothes during their visit at Pandharpur Yatra. The activities at washing zones helped improve recall amongst the present at Pandharpur.

Navratna Oil a well-known stress relieving brand provided a much needed stress relives to the devotees during the yatra. Navratna was able to reach stressful devotees by massage centers at popular locations & also through mobile massage volunteers.

Majority of the devotees come to Pandharpur walking & Navratna was present to relieve the devotees of their stress by giving them free head & leg massages. These centers were built for the comfort of devotees. These centers also provided free samples to the devotees, which helped in increasing the brand awareness of Navratna oil.

Zee Cinema offered free entertainment and live darshan of the idol in well-maintained pandals. Large LED screens were installed with live darshan feed for the devotees at strategic locations. The screens helped devotees get a glimpse of their beloved Vithala.

Mindwave Media has been helping brands at Pandharpur for the past 10 years. This year also we are prepared with creative ways to engage with the audience at Pandharpur Yatra 2019.

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