Benefits of Outdoor Advertising

What type of advertising can be experienced 24 hours a day and seven days a week, is not encompassed by editorial, programming or photographs, and can be focused to reach particular audiences by neighborhood?

By definition, “outdoor advertising, also known as ‘out-of-home advertising (OOH)’ or outdoor media, is an advertisement that is meant to attract consumers while they’re outside their homes.”

Outdoor advertising broadly incorporates the following advertisement types:

  • Billboards (hoardings) – static & mobile
  • POP Displays (point-of-sale) display ads
  • Street Ads (Posters, Bus shelters, kiosks, telephone booths etc.)
  • Transit Ads & wraps (buses, taxis, subways, trains etc.)

And we must acknowledge that when we think of innovation and improvisation in outdoor media ads, the sky’s the limit from there. It is evaluated that there are in excess of 40 sorts of outdoor advertising media types, with billboards being the globally perceived media and the most invested OOH advertising across the world.

Advantages of OOH Advertising

Outdoor advertising has a major advantage, which is its cost-effectiveness, opening the entryway for all advertisers – small or extensive. As indicated in a survey by Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), outdoor advertising is:

  • 80 percent more affordable than television ads
  • 60 percent more affordable than newspaper & magazine/tabloid ads (print ads)
  • 50 percent more affordable than radio ads

In contrast to other advertising mediums, the audience seeing outdoor advertising is regularly (visually) exposed and their recall is a high while, searching for something to peruse. This is the thing that makes a moving announcement, similar to a bus, so fascinating, compellingly imaginative and vital. Innovation is the key element in outdoor advertising.

IT enabled activation:

Outdoor is viewed as one of the most established advertising mediums, and technology has helped to create inventive, eye-grabbing messages for this medium.

For example, billboards that are highly effective currently incorporate tri-vision signs which permit three advertising messages for each location, 3-D pictures, and even correlative billboards. For instance, an organization in New York City enables drivers to switch messages on their installed billboard by utilizing their own garage remote controls. The message has probably been focused at tier 1 & tier 2 cities and not only for metro cities..


Thus, if you can strategize and execute an effective outdoor advertising campaign for marketing your product and services, no one can stop your campaign from generating a successful result.

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