5 Secrets to have A Successful Btl Activity

BTL activation or Below The Line activation is a cost-effective and proficient way of interacting with a target audience or a particular gathering.

What makes it special? Basically; btl activation ideas use strategies that are not routine ones. Moreover, they help in establishing a direct engagement with the customers for a short duration.Examples of BTL activation are a product launch, brand activation, dealer meets, sales promotion, mall promotion, etc.

Experts say that since it gives a chance to touch and feel the product or service, the engagement is more. The more innovative you make it, the better the results are.

How to make it impressive so that you reap big business benefits? Here are five ways.

1. Set the objectives first

To make the brand activation successful, spend adequate time in thinking about it. You should be clear about the business objectives first.

More importantly, brief it to everyone involved in the activation project. Since it takes typically three to six months for a brand activation project to get over (which a fleeting time), you don’t have any room for making a mistake.

If it is Rural BTL Activation project, then you need to spend more time in setting the work preferences and protocols as there is a feeble chance of rubbing the things.

2. Know the customer group

The BTL activation agency you pick for the brand activation project may be very helpful in building insights about your customer group.

Put a filter on the wide customer segment so that you concentrate on high-quality influencers. Make use of smart, analytical tools for it.

3. Give something unique

Yes, uniqueness is the crux of brand activation. You should outshine from the clutter in the market. Then only you will create a mark in the customers mind.

Find out the weaknesses of your competitors and try to introduce differentiation in the campaign.

4. Let your best people run the show

When you need a spanner, you need a spanner. Identify who can deliver the best in this campaign? Find out the finest ways of delivering the message.

5. Try to make it a multi-sensory experience

What does it mean? It means, the brand activation campaign should attract the customers at the emotional level, and that also at the right time and place. As you use different touch points simultaneously, the impact is long-lasting.

These are the five secrets of having a successful brand activation program.

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