New Rural India – A Land Of Opportunities

Several reasons are at play for rural people to migrate to urban cities. Due to lack of infrastructure, economy and other amenities there’s still an increasing insecurity amongst the rural inhabitants. Inspired by the larger opportunities at cities, rural people take a leap toward the urban for greater growth. Depending on the requirement and goals, some inhabitants migrate for a short or long term.

Having sustained all the benefits at the urban with respect to education and job, the migrants have diverted their finances back home to their native. Furthermore, they have brought updated technology to the rural for development in the agricultural sector.

These days, with stress levels rising among the professionals owing to the work pressure, hectic lifestyle, as well as anxiety in personal lives, led to a surge in the number of people visiting the rural area to de-stress. People are fascinated by the rural and intend to explore and experience the lifestyle. Away from the hustle bustle and the polluted air in the urban cities, individuals plan weekend getaways to breadth in the fresh air and to de-clutter life. This further triggered a surge in investments for farmhouse thereby the construction projects have increased. Over and above, the owners of heritage farmhouses are renting their property for commercial purpose.

Consequently, with changing dynamics and success achieved in the urban, people are financially developing the rural. The descendant is roundabout connecting back to their roots for large-scale rural development. The transformation is visible to an extent wherein luxury vehicles are spotted in rural India. Thereby, big automobile manufacturers like Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Honda, Mahindra are tapping to these group of people. It’s about time that the rural areas in India will no longer be considered poor due to the society, economy, and infrastructure.

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