Want to know the top 20 reasons you shouldnt be worried about rural promotion? Here are they.

  1. Since almost 70 percent of the population lives in villages and rural population consumes 60 percent of the total consumer goods, it makes sense in spending on rural marketing agency in Bangalore.

  2. Due to the penetration of satellite TV, lifestyle products such as shampoo and sunscreen are also becoming popular in the rural markets.

  3. FMCG companies have already prepared the ground with their product distribution network. Therefore, connecting with the consumer is easy.

  4. Telecommunication revolution has made a dramatic change in the rural market. It is much informed than earlier.

  5. Education standard and literacy have shown a remarkable improvement in the past three decades.

  6. Nowadays the marketing managers are not required to out excessive efforts in rural advertising in india.

  7. Small sachets and low-price packaging bring products into the paying capacity of the rural consumers. It makes product selling easy.

  8. Reaching the remote areas is easy for rural promotion the because of the Infrastructural development.

  9. Marketing managers are smart and well-informed nowadays. They are versatile and can derive effective rural marketing strategies.

  10. Employing resources locally is easy today. Since they find good business opportunities in their hometown, its a win-win condition.

  11. Distributed marketing network brings enhanced productivity and better control in the system than the centralized model.

  12. All varieties of products are popular in the rural markets. Thus, rural promotion is no longer an issue.

  13. Specialized low-end products are being developed by companies for the rural market. It makes marketing planning simple.

  14. The internet makes rural marketing and promotion simple. Marketing companies explore the best potential of it,

  15. Agro-based companies have been successful in the last decades because of their penetration. It can be taken as a role model by others.

  16. Brand promotion involves various promotional activities like road shows, product promotion, and event management locally.

  17. Word of mouth and peer experience are still important aspects of rural marketing. Advanced communication channels make it simple.

  18. Due to the boost in the economy, price is not that big inhibiting factor while making up mind about the product.

  19. Brand-building which a major aspect of consumer marketing becomes easy because of increased awareness of consumers.

  20. It is easy to control the on-ground activities remotely. Thus, Rural Marketing Agencies in Delhi can know what is going on in the remote market just by pressing a few clicks.

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