In the world of marketing, the term BTL Activation is uttered quite often. Ever tried to understand what it is?

Well, the word BTL is the abbreviation of Below the Line. It determines the task of having more one-to-one, direct connection with the customer.It also includes activities such as the distribution of handbills or pamphlets, arranging brand promotions, organizing road shows and making placards.

Another important aspect of BTL activation is to arrange product demos and samplings in the crowded places like malls, roads, and residential areas. Btl activation ideas are equally successful in the rural as well as urban areas. Hiring an expert agency such as Mindwave Media would bring excellent results.

BTL activation is more successful in rural areas than urban

Though there has been a tremendous change in the rural marketing strategy today as compared to a few decades back.However, BTL activation gets quit a significant response there due to the limited reach of mass media. Since it establishes a direct connect to the consumer, the impact is awesome

When the budget is an inhibiting factor, and you want to have a consumer connect, no marketing strategy is superior to the Rural BTL Activation. Better ROI and wider brand publicity are guaranteed outcomes.BTL activation is not a new term today. There are several client marketing agencies that offer effective and result-oriented campaigns.

Why do you need brand activation?

The very purpose of brand activation is to make the brand well-known and preferred by customers. When the brand creates interest and allows consumers to take a feel of it by experience, consumers have a long-lasting impression in their mind.

Btl advertising agencies in India conveys brand benefits and achieves brand positioning. Thus, the potential customer becomes a customer, and the customer turns into a loyal advocate.The success of btl activation can be measured by the increased level of brand awareness and the rising sales graph.

Why do you need a btl activation agency?

You need an experienced btl activation agency to conduct BTL activation because it knows the tricks and knacks of it.

Btl activation agencies in Mumbai also makes use of PR and sales promotion and direct mail promotion campaign to establish the brand.In the modern era of the Internet, it uses telemarketing, email campaign and target marketing to potential clients.

The biggest benefit of BTL activation is the personal interaction with the customer which is the biggest strength of it.

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