10 Marketing Strategies for Corporate to Succeed in Rural India

Rural areas holding a larger chunk of the entire population of India looks alluring to most of the companies all over. However a lot of misconception and loopholes could be seen in rural advertising strategies. Since, rural India has potential to contribute to the India economy multiple folds, an innovative use of media in rural market must be instilled and executed.

Some of the marketing strategies must be adopted by the corporates to successfully capture the rural India are mentioned below.

  1. Rural India is not poor: Rural population is becoming progressive and demanding at the same time. With increased purchasing power they are looking forward to quality and competitive alternatives.

  2. Rural advertising agency: Corporates must hire an advertising agency like us which has hands on experience in rural marketing. Only if the agency with a rural addressing portfolio will be able to do justice to the campaign.

  3. Unique approach: What worked for urban might not work for rural. Certain products must be specifically designed and launched for the rural population so that the revenues could be increased.

  4. Government factors: Different factors have different impact. Like some amount of loan is approved for agricultural sector in Rajasthan. A sudden rise in demand of agricultural product, tools, pesticides, machinery, and equipment is foreseen. Thus, various agencies are planning strategies for rural marketing in Rajasthan.

  5. Digitisation will do wonders: Along with the new generation, the senior citizen of the rural population is trying their hands on technology too. Thus a lot of digital advertising can be put forth to reach out to them.

  6. Dont ignore the basics: Traditional way radio, hoardings, cultural event like melas, yatras and jatras still proves beneficial in connecting with the audience. Traditional media always works.

  1. Stay rooted: Dont get overboard with modernisations, traditional values must not be disrespected.

  1. Strive when beneficial: People indulge in shopping during Ganesh festival in Maharashtra. Thus strategies of rural marketing in Maharashtra rolled out at that time will be fruitful.

  2. Invest resources: Appointing an highly sophisticated manager in the rural areas will not bring business to the company. Because the challenge rural sector offers can only be understood by someone who is one of them and one they could relate to.

  1. Create a buzz: Circulate the information about the product through rural authorities which eventually act as a demand breeder for the product.

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