Team Vritti Imedia experiences the fun and enthusiasm of the Bendur Festival in Wai, Satara


In a country like India where the economy is largely dependent on agriculture, harvesting season is critically important. No wonder, we have so many festivals and celebrations in different states during the different stages of harvesting.

In some parts of Maharashtra, Bendur is celebrated on the Fourteenth Day of Ashadha Month of Hindu calendar.

The festival is the way of showing respect and gratitude towards the farm animals that play an important role in agriculture.

There is a great enthusiasm about the festival in the villages. Bullocks and cattle are part of the family in a typical farmers house. Hence, no efforts left to make the day special for the animals.

Bendur festival shows our gratitude towards the animals who work hard in the farms and help the farmers in earning a good income.

It is the reason; animals are not supposed to work on the day of Bendur. For them, it is a freak-out time.

Vritti iMedia participated in the cheerful festival of Bendur

Vritti iMedia is a company pioneer in the rural marketing niche. With its innovative and creative marketing campaigns designed especially for the rural masse, it has redefined the concepts of product and service promotion in the rural segment.


Since the rural people are the key stakeholders of the business, Vritti Imedia always remains in touch with the people living in the Rural India.

As part of the overall corporate strategy, it believes in establishing a profound relationship with the clients.

Recently, Team Vritti Imedia joined the Bendur Festival celebrations to underline their commitment and dedication towards the clients.

It was a cheerful and amazing experience

Vritti iMedia team went to Wai in Satara district to celebrate the religious occasion with the farmers for whom it is a very special and auspicious day.

The environment was filled with cheer and enthusiasm. People were busy in cleaning the cattle. Bullocks were painted with vibrant colors and decorated with colorful cloth, strings of beads, and flowers. The horns were polished and painted with incredibly beautiful colors.


A procession begins in the morning where the farmers and other people participated. The CEO and Director of Vritti Imedia Mr Veerendra Jamdade actively participated in the events. He attended the procession and performed pooja of bullocks and offered sweets to them.

The crowd was quite happy to see Mr Jamdade taking an active part in the different proceedings of the Bendur Festival.

Looking t the overwhelming experience, Vritti is looking forward participating in further such events.

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